1KCoin (1KCoin)

By offering a diversified portfolio 1KCoin is specifically designed for the cryptocurrency trade and to invest in the initial offer of currencies (ICO).

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ICO Price
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Hard Cap
Start Date
1 March 2018
End Date
30 April 2018

What is 1KCoin?

1KCoin is a cryptocurrency token based on the Equity Crowdfunding philosophy that allows coin holders, without the need of experience, the necessary time and knowledge, to have profit in the volatile market of cryptocurrencies.

Advantages: With immediate liquidity in your Wallet (your tokens are not blocked for any period of time, and also a 1KCoin Card will be issued.)

Built on the Waves platform, Completely decentralized.
Easy-to-use Tools and Systems for our Community.
Flexibility in the investment (projects will be voted by the Community).
Free Educational Program in cryptocurrencies domain.
With a real growth plan.
1K-Team is the investment, administration and due-diligence team for opportunities of the 1KCoin project. Administrators have extensive experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and are able to observe details in their analyses according to market conditions and existing systems, as well as in new projects in the industry.
The investment team will use the funds raised to invest in more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies and multiple strategies:
• Buy and Hold
• Arbitration.
• Trading.
• Operational automation
• ICOs.
• Private sale.
• Analysis of projects.
This diversified portfolio would minimize the risk of investing in cryptocoins, minimizing the investment and risk involved in the high volatility of the cryptocurrencies domain.
To guarantee durability and enable the use of the 1kcoin currency that each user wants and to become a valuable means of exchange, the following strategies will be promoted:
• Global Marketplace
• Adoption of use by millions of users in the world.
• 1KCoin as a source of Crowdfunding (Financer).
• Social network of the 1KCoin community.
• Process of paradigm change in classical businesses.
• 1KCoin Exchange.
• Entertainment systems, online gaming platform.
• 1KCoin card.

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