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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
Adirize DAO
Unlock the World of Decentralized Reserve Currency with Adirize DAO
0.15 USD 2022/08/30 2022/11/01
Allocate the world's largest DAO-directed treasury, partner with leading protocols, and build the future of finance
2 USD 2021/08/16 2022/01/12
A Specialist Manufacturer of High-quality Digital Assets Used in Blockchain-based Games and Virtual Worlds
1.5 USD 2022/04/26 2022/04/29
Decentralized Autonomous Organization-Based Token
1 BNB 2022/12/15 2022/12/16
Crypto Shark Tank Governed By The Community
0.0007 USD 50 ETH 100 ETH 2022/10/27 2022/10/28
The First Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol Built on the Nervos Blockchain
15 USD 420000 USD 2022/01/17 2022/01/18
To make a big DAO community of all crypto-doge-lovers
2021/12/31 2023/01/01
A DAO investing in Earth's Ecosystems
0.0135 USD 0.01 USD 1500000 USD 2022/05/10 2022/05/10
Freedom is Our Goal
0.000004518 USD 30 BNB 2022/09/29 2022/10/01
The Stronger and More United The Community, The Easier it Will be to Recover Funds From FTX Losses
0.00000016 USD 10 BNB 2022/11/25 2022/11/28
Launchpad for Degen Meme Tokens
0.000835 USD 40 BNB 2022/11/24 2022/11/25
Merit Circle
Creating a new era to earn through play
1 USD 2021/12/03 2022/01/31
Next Earth
The Only Blockchain Based Virtual Land Ownership Platform On The Exact Copy Of Earth
0.0005 USD 2100000 USD 3500000 USD 2022/01/22 2022/01/27
Pacman Frog
Fueled by Community. Tailored for Everyone.
Playing to Win Throughout the Metaverse
1.2 USD 38400000 USD 2022/01/21 2022/01/28
Bridge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
0.15 USD 2021/11/03 2021/11/06
The Community-Owned, Multi-chain, Decentralized #NFT Social Network for #Web3
0.55 0.11 USD 1000000 USD 7000000 USD
Earn Crypto While Helping Shape The Future Of Web3
0.25 USD 0.175 USD 250000 USD 2021/11/26 2021/11/27
Zebra DAO
DAO-Enabled NFT Platforms
50 BNB 2022/10/02 2022/10/05

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