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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
Fully Decentralized, Self-Managed Wallet Protocol
0.0000000003 USD 50 BNB 200 BNB 2023/06/29 2023/06/30
Axpower AI Chat
Build Next-Gen Apps with OpenAI’s Powerful Models
0.000268 USD 50 BNB 100 BNB 2023/02/23 2023/02/24
Botrix AI
Play, Trade & Earn. Together.
0.000114 USD 15 BNB 2023/04/16 2023/04/17
World’s First Token Created By Artificial Intelligence
0.000078 USD 1 BNB 2022/12/11 2022/12/14
AI Bot Free Telegram
0.024 USD 40 BNB/ 4 ETH 2022/12/14 2022/12/21
Automate Your Trading Smartest Way
0.22 USD 12000000 USD 2023/03/31 2023/10/31
Ease Into the Mind-Blowing World of AI Awesomeness, Brought to You by the Geniuses at JOK AI Labs!
0.0000013 USD 30 ETH 100 ETH 2023/09/18 2023/09/21
AI-Powered Telegram BOT That Never Sleeps
0.0014 USD 50 BNB 2023/03/20 2023/03/22
Bet with Confidence, Win with Krygen Bot
0.00011 USD 5 ETH 2023/09/17 2023/09/20
Maximus Sniper
All In One Sniper Bot
0.27 USD 100 BNB 100 BNB 2022/10/17 2022/10/19
Earn 1% Daily Passive Income with Zero Fees
0.0034 USD 5000 BUSD 2022/12/28 2022/12/30
Your Gateway to Trading Success!
0.00006 USD 30 BNB 2023/05/17 2023/05/21
Profit AI
Simple and No-Code Platform for Creating Bots in the Cryptocurrency Market for Traders People
0.00108 USD 75 BNB 150 BNB 2023/04/03 2023/04/04
Shib AI
Join the Future
0.00001 USD 10 BNB 2023/02/19 2023/02/21
Timeseries AI
Using AI Bots for Buy Prediction
0.000282 USD 50 BNB 2023/03/19 2023/03/20

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