Fatty (FATTY)

Your Multiple Utility Token for Active and Passive Income

Review Score
ICO Price
0.016 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
9000000 USD
Hard Cap
9000000 USD
Start Date
5 July 2024
End Date
30 September 2024

What is Fatty?

Fatty is an advanced meme and altcoin sniping/trading bot on the market, designed to give users a technological edge over retail traders. This bot features sophisticated security measures and allows for unparalleled trading speed within Block ZERO. Execute orders faster, maximize earnings with the quickest sniping (buying) actions, and ensure all your trades are protected by complex security protocols.

The $FATTY Ecosystem delivers remarkable value to its token holders by merging robust, professionally crafted products with diverse income opportunities. The $FATTY token brings together both professional and retail investors, offering a variety of earning strategies tailored to different investor preferences.

Key features that position $FATTY as a standout investment for this bull run include:

  • Single $FATTY Token:** A unified token driving the ecosystem.
  • Multiple Products & Utilities:** Diverse and practical applications.
  • Numerous Earning Opportunities:** Various avenues for income generation.
  • One Unified Community:** A cohesive and engaged investor base.
  • Effective Marketing:** Strategic promotion to boost visibility and adoption.
  • Multiple Tier 1 Listings:** Broad accessibility on top-tier exchanges.

Holding the $FATTY token presents various earning opportunities, suggesting significant potential for price appreciation. $FATTY holders can generate passive income by receiving 50% of FatBot’s revenue share in ETH/SOL or through staking. Moreover, they can earn active income by engaging in play-to-earn challenges or utilizing FatBot’s premium performance features.

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