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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
Next Generation Loyalty Rewards Program
0.1 USD 500000 USD 2021/11/28 2021/12/31
Token that Rewards investors
1 USD 5000 USD 150000 USD 2021/09/09 2021/10/30
Buy BUSDv2, Earn BUSD
0.00003 USD 50 BNB 2022/11/17 2022/11/19
Crono Reward token on BSC
0.007581 USD 50 BNB 2022/09/13 2022/09/17
Review Platform
0.055 USDT 300000 USDT 3000000 USDT 2022/02/25 2022/04/01
Finally - the Merge is Here!
1 ETH 2022/09/23 2022/09/24
GenXYZ Token
The World’s 1st Digital Universal Marketing Token
5000000 USD 13000000 USD 2021/06/21 2021/12/31
Kouta-Kun Inu
Exclusive Community of Pioneers That Will Change the Rules
50 BNB 2022/10/18 2022/10/20
Platform Based on Rewards
0.000386789 USD 2022/01/06 2022/01/20
Moony Token
An eco friendly token solution, with an upcoming real practical use
0.00000145 USD 15000 USD 25000 USD 2021/05/23 2021/09/01
Provides Opportunities for the Everyday Person to Access De-fi Products and Rewards
0.0098134 USD 2022/04/18 2022/07/03
Ruby Play Network
The King of Crypto Gaming Tokens and Loyalty Rewards - RUBY
0.01 USD 0.0045 USD 450000 USD 2022/02/28 2022/02/28
Sharpron Jet
Your Future is in Your Hands
0.000118 USD 16425 USD 2022/09/25 2022/10/25
Carbon neutral+, community-driven, fair launched, static rewards token
0.000000227 USD 2021/08/29 2021/09/05
A Revolutionary Reward And Gaming Token
0.007 USD 100000 USD 200000 USD 2021/12/21 2022/02/28
Be an Ultimate Fan
0.0042 USD 200 BNB 400 BNB 2022/11/18 2022/11/19
Get Rewarded for Buying, Selling, Spending, Swapping, and Staying Informed About Crypto

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