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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
DeFi project with decentralised BMB SWAP Exchange and Staking Platform
0.01 USD 1000000000 500000000 USD 2021/08/15 2022/04/15
Eco-living token that takes you to the next level of investment alongside with environmental concern
0.000000027 USD 2021/06/04 2021/12/01
Columbus Token
The light of the sun is the future of crypto discovery
Trade it, Hedge it, Decentralize it
0.1 USD 1000000 USD 2000000 USD 2021/09/27 2021/09/28
Ethereum Eagle
Influence the gas limit
25000 ETH 2021/07/27 2021/08/11
The Glorious Auto-staking Token
2.60 0.01 USD 2022/05/10 2022/11/10
Advanced yield optimization that’ll take you to the moon
0.0089 USD 17500 USD 35000 USD 2021/05/29
Heiko Finance
Institutional-grade DeFi Parachain
2021/09/01 2021/10/15
Get Ready Defi, NFTs, Staking
1.85 2021/10/28 2021/12/25
Multi-Chain Staking & Governance Token
0.80 0.05 USD 500000 USD 1000000 USD 2021/11/05 2021/12/15
NFTAd.Network Token
Advancing Non-fungible Tokens with the world’s First NFT Advertising Network
0.1 USD 500000 USD 5500000 USD 2021/08/14 2021/11/25
Non Fungible DeFi protocol with high yield farming
4 USDT 350000 USD 550000 USD 2021/07/19 2021/08/06
Buy, Hold, PLay
0.55 USD 0.4 USD 2021/07/23 2021/07/23
Super King Finance
Protocol Allowing Staking Farming Earn on Binance Smart Chain
0.05 USD 2022/01/06 2022/01/15
Build your own financial world with Therios
0.15 USD 860000 USD 1500000 USD 2021/04/01 2021/04/30
Vaulty Finance
You want more APY? You need Vaulty!
0.7 USD 192500 USD 2021/08/09 2021/08/13
YPro Token
Start getting reward for Farming, Swapping and Staking cryptocurrency!
0.8 USD $ 100,000 $ 250,000 2021/01/24 2021/02/16

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