Ad Funnel (FNL)

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1 August 2018
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31 August 2018
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1 September 2018
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31 December 2018

What is Ad Funnel?


In today’s cryptocurrency landscape, blockchain development news is spread across multiple sources. As useful as the information is, it requires multiple browser windows opened searching through your favorite web browser with multiple log-ins.

Trying to research altcoins this way is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. And for a cryptocurrency trader, the few minutes’ difference can be the deciding factor whether they can get a good entry price point or not.

How can Funnel tool make your cryptocurrency trading easier?

Funnel Project aims to disrupt this with a single-page app screen with your content in pre-designed templates that give you the ability to add your cryptocurrency news sources and social media accounts on one page.

By using templates, you will have the ability to add your content where you want it on a page unique to you. Integration with existing API for exchanges will allow traders to see multiple exchanges at once.

You can be in your favorite slack and telegram channels at the same time on the same page.

We hope to align ourselves with existing blockchain companies to offer services, news, content and privacy all in one place.

Content management enables you to choose every piece of content on your page. The content could be websites, pages, posts, photos, videos, documents, and just about any other type of data relevant to the altcoin that you’re researching.

We will build in APIs for you to add from different services all while providing security to you page to protect what’s important to you.

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