Aeternum (ALF)

World’s First Science and Intellectual Property

Review Score
ICO Price
0.02 EUR
Pre ICO Price
0.01 EUR
Soft Cap
500,000 EUR
Hard Cap
3,000,000 EUR
Pre ICO Start Date
2 April 2018
Pre ICO End Date
1 May 2018
Start Date
1 June 2018
End Date
31 October 2018

What is Aeternum?

Our goal is to create a platform through which any individual will can invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world.

We have already attracted and are cooperating with some of the greatest discoveries of present day and we are confident that we are creating something that will become the biggest blockchain crowdfunding platform to the date. It will help scientists commercialize their ideas and projects through our Commercialization Reactor which is run by dedicated and professional team with vast experience in scientific field and business development. Our platform will give the opportunity to invest in some of the greatest inventions, innovations and discoveries that in the future might just change the world as you know it. Platform will be open to anyone not just a select group of investors and no contribution will be too small to reap the profits of deep science based startup realization.

We are sure this will be the most reliable asset investment model in the modern world and in the future. We are convinced that our platform will contribute to honest and fair redistribution of wealth around the world and offer investment opportunities that were till now only available to large corporations and rich elite. The idea of Aeternum ecosystem was born many years ago. While being amongst innovative science and technology projects, the authors of the idea imagined how to rise science based star-ups to new heights.

Aeternum is a knowledge based ecosystem created for the purpose of science development and human interaction. It is a program  designed as a bridge that connects everyone’s interests with the interests of scientists and researchers for the benefit to both parties.

We are different.

There are many Crowdfunding platforms in the world already but they all work based on Market Pull technologies which in turn do not offer anything unique. We will launch the first platform that is going to be Science Push driven and offers its investors unique and science based startups that promote development. Our deep science based startups are already in the process with prototypes and real-world application product development stages. All of them have already gone through the research and testing stages and are ready for commercialization.

In addition, a new cryptocurrency called BitLats will serve as the pumping blood of the ecosystem bringing it to life and it will have real backing with intellectual property form the startup. BitLat increase in value will be ensured by deep science driven startups value in real-life applications.

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