AIGO – Crypto Payment Solutions (AIGO Payment)

Adoption Blockchain e-Commerce to World

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ICO Price
0.004 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
3,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
10 July 2019
Pre ICO End Date
20 July 2019
Start Date
23 July 2019
End Date
1 August 2019

What is AIGO – Crypto Payment Solutions?


Retailers and service providers are now on the rise with expensive and inefficient payment mechanisms, which do not keep pace with global trade evolution, credit cards, alternative payments, virtual coins or blockchain technology. Not to mention adapted to several various processing needs today in order to provide a very optimal solution to overcome the payment process. AIGO (under development), is intended to solve this problem by utilizing a new smart contract architecture called the “AIGO Smart Contract” which enables a new billing methodology in the world of the blockchain. We hope to promote more frequent use of cryptocurrency in the online and offline markets, thereby significantly increasing the total volume of payments made by cryptocurrency, as well as contributing to the trend of decentralization in global payments.

SmartContract is intended to be a productive solution in offering a strong payment mechanism that is far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and measurable from the current implementation. Unlike the current payment method, which includes credit cards and virtual
coins like Bitcoin. AIGO is being designed from the ground up with the intention of overcoming some of the payment problems that exist. In addition, we believe SmartContract will have the potential to increase economic efficiency, reduce friction and minimize risk by eliminating
intermediaries such as companies that charge excessive fees and are very expensive.

AIGO is designed as a free, smart source code project built around a customized contract chain that regulates transaction behavior. This can be arranged as a simple transaction, very complex transactions including, among others, repayment payments, split payments, per-use payments,
exchange rate corrections, or a combination of the above. Businesses will be able to use decentralized payment mechanisms such as making new ones according to their needs in the business world. We believe that the solution offered by AIGO will create business opportunities for external companies that can build additional services above SmartContract and contribute to advancing AIGO Ecosystems. These services can include, but are not limited to credit facilities, transactions, insurance, arbitration and others.

It is our intention that Aigo be promoted through partnerships with businesses that have a significant system by encouraging them to adopt or use Aigo Ecosystem from the start. Through the partners that we have launched, we hope to enter and join the industrial world with tens of
thousands of daily customers covering various markets.

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