Aixeus (XAI)

AI Powered Elastic Blockchain Platform

Review Score
ICO Price
0.8 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
10000000 USD
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
1 May 2019
Pre ICO End Date
30 August 2019
Start Date
1 May 2019
End Date
30 August 2019

What is Aixeus?


AIXEUS is building the world’s first Elastic Hybrid Blockchain and Quantum-proof SmartWeb 3.0 and P2P2B social platform that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Biometrical Identification.

AIXEUS consists of 3 expandable modules:

  1. Cerebro – our new developed Artificial Intelligence Engine designed for Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Machine-to-Machine learning.
  2. Delphi – our new developed AI-powered Elastic Hybrid Blockchain platform.
  3. AVA – our Biometrical Scanner.

AIXEUS replaces the current ‘dumb’ blockchain platforms by a new Elastic Hybrid Blockchain platform (Delphi) that is Elastic, Quantum-proof and operates much more smarter, faster, more secure and time and cost-effective than the blockchain platforms that we have today. The possibilities with the new Elastic Blockchain platform working in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence are virtually endless.

We create and support smart applications and solutions that bring business, banking, financial trading, Social Media, networking, marketing, career building, science and education, research, biotechnology, healthcare, life sciences and many more to a higher level. We help to create new business- and career opportunities with even cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is the creation of AIXEUS, a powerful and high-speed AI-powered Delphi Elastic Hybrid Blockchain that works in conjunction with AVA (our advanced Biometrical Scanner) and our new developed Artificial Intelligence Engine and Ecosystem (Cerebro), which would be open to the entire community and controlled and enhanced by AI- and Blockchain scientists and developers from all over the world. Cerebro will make the blockchain much faster, smarter and more secure by analyzing the stored and incoming complex data, semantic classification, neural networking and applying Deep Learning Technologies.

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