AngryToken (ANG)

Community Project of Social Media

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
0.35 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
104,000,000 ANG
Pre ICO Start Date
10 October 2018
Pre ICO End Date
3 March 2019
Start Date
10 October 2018
End Date
3 March 2019

What is AngryToken?


Guided by the rules of the web high-quality information has been lost in favor of lower forms of entertainment. Video creators and freelance journalists are forced to create generic content that will guarantee more “shares” or “likes” to attract large advertisers, diluting any relevant information. On top of that, content creators earn far less money than they should and have to split their profits with third-party providers which collect your users’ data and use them for targeted advertising. We shouldn’t be subjected to such manipulative business practices just to keep in touch with our family and friends! No wonder content creators are angry! You should be angry too!!! Because you end up consuming lower quality content and your privacy is being unfairly invaded and traded. Fortunately, we have channeled our anger into something valuable: AngryToken, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain technology that gives people the freedom to express themselves without collecting your personal data!

Will have direct control over the channels they want to be associated with and how content creators will get paid, in fact, smart contract technology allows advertisers to pay content creators based on the parameters they want: clicks, views, installments, etc. Slinkad and Snipad will not take a percentage of these earnings. Advertisers can even compensate users for buying, sharing or promoting their brand through the U-Share program. Incentivizing the general public to use their product or service will create unprecedented levels of customer loyalty to the company that other businesses will simply not have.

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