Apeiron (APRS)

A Crazy Blend of Roguelite x RTS Card Game With a Dash of Doodiness

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0.11 USD
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Start Date
15 March 2024
End Date
17 March 2024

What is Apeiron?


Apeiron is part of a new wave of token-driven, play-and-earn NFT games. The tri-token system utilizes governance, play-to-earn, and alliance tokens in tandem to create a dynamic economy that mirrors the real world, while the NFTs – in the form of Planets, Stars, and Relics – puts the ownership in the rightful hands of the player.

All NFTs – Planets, Stars, and Relics – will be sold in public marketplaces. Planet NFTs are where the main gameplay loop happens – players will need to purchase their first planet on the marketplace, or apply for a starter Seed Planet. Stars are like the “lands” in other NFT games, and will offer powerful passive bonuses for Planets that orbit them, as well as the potential to contain rare celestial items and places. Relics are those game objects – such as Avatars, planetary wonders, or special items – that would otherwise be lost after finishing a planetary cycle, but can be made permanent by converting into a Relic. For the Apeiron faithful, we will Presale 3,894 exclusive Primeval Planets with unique “Primordial” traits, the only ones of their kind. Simultaneously, the project will Presale 11,498 Stars around the Axis Mundi, the center of all creation in the Apeiron Universe, which will be made available for purchase via Stella Tabula Chests.

Apeiros serves as Apeiron’s governance tokens, the token holders will take part in voting processes that will affect the future development of the game. The supply of Apeiros shall be fixed. Release of the tokens will come in stages, first to early investors and developers, then to the public in an initial Token Generation Event. Finally, once the game has fully released, a portion will be awarded to the players for competitive PvP tournaments and grand achievements for completing Galactic Events, such as defeating World Bosses. In game, Apeiros must be used in Celestial Conjunctions or to forge Avatar equipment and skill cards, Apostles and Environment Objects into Relics. Apeiros can be listed in either/both centralized and decentralized exchanges and traded freely among players.

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