Apollo Currency (Apollo)

Apollo – All-In-One Cryptocurrency

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30 March 2018
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28 May 2018

What is Apollo Currency?

The monetary system within Apollo allows users to instantly create currencies or tokens that can be traded privately on Apollo’s decentralized exchange as well as freely on external exchanges.

Using the Apollo asset system, a user can issue tokens representing anything from public and private equity to real world commodities. Unlike other markets and cryptocurrencies, users will be able to trade these assets with 100% privacy.

Encrypted messaging on the Apollo blockchain will allow any user to send and receive 100% private, untraceable messages and data files from one account to another. Utilizing the Olympus protocol, the user’s IP address and the  transaction carrying the message will be invisible.

The Apollo data cloud allows uploading to the blockchain for storage, retrieval and publishing of information. This gives a user the ability to upload a file to the blockchain, therefore receiving an irrefutable time stamp for that data. This time stamp could be helpful in establishing an absolute date for legal documents such as contracts and intellectual ownership.

Alias system in Apollo can be used to create a unique alias that acts as a representation for a specific set of text. This will encrypt the chosen text into the alias. This text could be your account number, a website, email address, etc.

The Apollo voting system allows users to create public or private polls. Polls can be used to direct and manage funds from an account, elect officials or simply to gauge public opinion.

Phased transactions are transactions set up to occur after a certain condition is met. This could be after another transaction is sent or received, after a passage of time or after a certain block number is hit.

Apollo supports multi-signature accounts allowing more than one user to control an account.

The Apollo decentralized marketplace allows users to buy, sell and trade physical and digital goods using the Apollo currency.

Accounts can be created in a way that allows group control. Utilizing the Apollo voting system, a group can be granted the ability (via initial ownership or ownership of a specified token or asset) to vote on the transactions that are spent on the account.

The Apollo authentication system allows users to authenticate an account using the blockchain to prove that they are the overseer of an account.

The account leasing option allows the user to lease the forging power of their account to another user. This allows for the creation of forging pools, increasing the chances of generating a block, as well as generating an income from transaction fees.

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