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27 August 2018
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25 November 2018
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25 November 2018
End Date
30 November 2018

What is AQUA?

What is AQUA Intel?

AQUA Intelligence (AQI) is a data driven platform on the blockchain that enables consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. Based on these trusted data, AQI creates decentralized comprehensive profiles for each consumer. Such profiles will not be shared with any third party and AQI will enforce strict privacy policies for data protection. By leveraging artificial intelligence and other tools, the profiles allow hospitality industry to improve its sales, operational efficiency, profits and the consumer’s experiences. This platform is powered by AQX, a utility token.

What problem does AQUA Intel solve?

Hospitality industry vendors rely on data that are often incomplete, inaccurate and unorganized when offering products and services to consumers. With AQI, consumers will be able to earn AQX tokens while providing data inputs, validating their existing information and participating in surveys and other activities. With accurate and validated data on the blockchain along with analysis by AI, AQI enables vendors to provide better services and more meaningful and personalized offers to their customers. Personalized offers allow hotels to compete more effectively and reduce sales through third party online booking services.

How does it work?

AQUA Intel consists of 3 components: AQUA Mobile App, AQUA Intel, and AQUA RMS.

AQUA Intel:

AQUA Intel is the core of the platform where data is gathered, processed and analyzed. Profiles will be created from consumer inputs through AQM, spending history at hospitality and retail partners, social media and online sources as well as data from other consumer applications. AQI interfaces with partner’s reservation services and loyalty programs. AI will be used to analyze data, perform online searches, provide responses and make actionable suggestions for consumers and vendors. AQI can also generate marketable data to meet specific needs of vendors.

AQUA Mobile App (AQM):

Using AQM, consumers can earn tokens for providing input, validating existing data and participating in other activities such as surveys and reviews. The data provided is securely encrypted on AQUA’s private blockchain. They can also use AQM to manage all their loyalty points across various providers in addition to making travel and dinning arrangements. Tokens can be converted into loyalty points, earn discounts and make payments for services at participating hospitality and other retail partners.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, consumers can get real time answers for all travel related questions through conversational UI. They can also share experiences and develop relationships with other members.

The goal is to create the most popular travel and lifestyle app for consumers to use regularly for managing tasks, getting answers and making connections.

AQUA Revenue Management System (AQUA RMS):

Using consumer profiles created and other macro information, such as weather and events, AQUA RMS enables vendors to provide personalized product and service offerings to enhance their profits.

AQUA RMS can provide automated ongoing personalized communications and promotions to customers to nurture relationships while enhancing sales opportunities. With understanding of consumer’s specific interests, only relevant and meaningful promotional offers will be made.

AQUA RMS can also help vendors to identify target audience for delivery of specific promotion and messages.

AQUA RMS can conduct market research for vendors and special interest groups to gain better understanding of consumer’s interests and desires. AQUA RMS can also conduct customer satisfaction surveys and make actionable suggestions to address issues.

With the ability for consumers to convert tokens into loyalty points and earn discounted pricing, hotels and vendors can expand their product and services to more consumers.


AQUA Intel founders have decades of hotel management experience and have developed an innovative, ground breaking PMS (Property Management System) platform that has proven to significantly enhance the efficiency of hotel operations and is currently being implemented in a major hotel chain.

AQX Token Uses

Tokens earned by consumers can be used for conversion into loyalty points, earn discounts, and pay for services of participating hospitality and retail partners.

AQUA’s hospitality customers and partners can use AQX tokens and loyalty points to pay for services offered by AQUA.

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