Attrace (ATTR)

Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform

Review Score
ICO Price
0.035 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.025 USD
Soft Cap
2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
14,698,864 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
8 August 2018
Pre ICO End Date
8 November 2018
Start Date
18 November 2018
End Date
27 December 2018

What is Attrace?

Affiliate Marketing is the only true “pay for performance” model of Online Marketing: Whereas Search Engine or Display Advertisements rewards clicks, views or referrals, Affiliate Marketing rewards actual sales achieved. Therefore, Affiliate Marketing should arguably have one of the largest shares in Online Marketing, which is not the case as the current system has significant problems. This white paper outlines how Attrace intends to reinvent Affiliate Marketing and how its proposition differs from other solutions.

Attrace re-invents Affiliate Marketing: The Attrace blockchain solution makes the middleman in Affiliate Marketing (the Affiliate Network) obsolete by establishing a direct connection between Merchants (companies trying to sell products or services) and Publishers (websites etc. promoting those products or services).

This means that the mission of Attrace is to: 1. reduce the very high Affiliate Network fees paid by Merchants and Publishers by up to 95%; 2. remove all attribution and tracking analysis issues related to income earned;  3. remove all fraud detection challenges given full attribution of any click; 4. assures instant payment of fees earned instead of months waiting time; 5. enable real value payments based on true value of individual sales generated; 6. facilitate direct communication between Merchants and Publishers; 7. remove restrictions for smaller and Emerging Markets Merchants; 8. restrain Publishers from engaging in spamming activities.

Attrace is unique: Contrary to other online marketing solutions using the blockchain, Attrace is not a solution solely focussed on the tracking of actual sales achieved only, or on the payments between Merchants and Publishers. The Attrace solution is unique as it tracks every individual click/referral/lead generated by a prospect clicking on an ad – not just de resulting sales – from an Affiliate Marketing advertisement, and allocates this via a smart contract to the right Publisher.

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