AvaGo (AVA)

Broadcast Management and Operator Actions

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26 June 2018
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26 July 2018
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26 June 2018
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26 September 2018

What is AvaGo?

The AvaGo platform allows users to provide virtually any service to anyone from anywhere and become a broadcaster and earn money to represent valuable content in various business models (Pay Per Act, Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments).

The main goal of the Project is to become a leader in the market of live consulting platforms, where the client will always find a group of specialists and valuable content to provide easy access to their knowledge. The AvaGo platform creates a large ecosystem of blockages, which allows you to sell services through live broadcasts and post content on the air and sell them to a wide audience at agreed prices.

AvaGo is a project that combines three markets into one product: Live broadcast (1: many), Live Services (1: 1, 1: 8), Transcoding and Relay Node.

We use a blockchain to manage transactions and calculations (tokens), and we have our own platform for real-time exchange, trading and transactions – Rucoin Loyalty.

Live Services – the market provides service providers with the ability to sell their services to anyone who needs them. It allows you to schedule live broadcasts, broadcast in HD in real time, convenient billing, chat and special programs, as well as AVA tokens.

All this applies to many industries: lawyers, doctors, doctors, job search, fitness, education, insurance, language studies, financial consultations, etc.
Live Broadcasts – allows service providers to deliver live broadcasts to an unlimited number of viewers, invoicing per minute and pay-per-view or action, scheduling future live broadcasts.

Our powerful B2B and B2C technologies can be used in a number of verticals, including seminars, practical guides, sports, conferences, television, SVOD, music, e-learning, well-being, charity, etc.

Transcoding and relay node. Thanks to the decentralized market for transcoding services and relay nodes, all network users have the opportunity to earn money using their processing power for retransmission and transcoding operations. The AvaGo transaction protocol, introduced into streams, opens the possibility to make transactions when transmitting video streams. Network nodes perform real useful work instead of useless calculations, as it usually does in standard Proof of Work block chains.

AvaGo Network is a video stream supported by Blockchain technology. Thanks to the blockchain, it provides full decentralization, high scalability and an open market for censored live broadcasts around the world.

Thanks to the AvaGo network, everyone can become a translator and earn money to represent valuable content in various business models: Pay Per Act, Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments, Advertising, Tips / Donations, Subscription Plans, etc.

AvaGo solves many problems in the world, where direct contact is required face to face with a professional in order to obtain the necessary recommendations. This is often problematic and expensive. Access to this type of service must be fast, easy and unlimited and always of high quality, and this is possible thanks to the AvaGo network.

How it works?

• The creator or service provider creates their own channel with which they can sell live services 1: 1, 1: 8, or they can broadcast a wide audience 1: many in PPV, PPM, PPD, etc. D. And sign the smart- contract for transcoding and retransmission.

• Clients pay for the completed services and for access to various videos on the air.

A live broadcast of the market, where everyone can start broadcasting from one place to several destinations at the same time to a wide audience. This includes presentations, open trainings, conferences, practical lessons, seminars, as well as broadcast of sports games, events or even television programs. This is an optional feature for private sessions. The user can broadcast live to a wide audience, to encourage potential customers to switch to individual calls later. And last but not least: broadcasters gain prestige and strengthen their experience.

This is the ideal solution, thanks to which many professionals participating in live events around the world quickly access from anywhere in the world.

Anyone can buy access to any broadcast. The open market will determine the prices for broadcast and transcoding / retransmission based on supply and demand for specific transmissions and other services.

The Live Services market is a place where each provider / service provider can provide its services through online (Internet and mobile), video and audio broadcasts, while each user / viewer of services can quickly use it by searching for reliable professionals ready to provide these services. services. The platform can be compared to the online market for live video services, where every consumer can find professionals, talented people and companies serving various types of services, such as: medical advice, legal advice, other professional advice or, for example, guitar lessons, Both on the Internet and on the Internet, mobile applications. The Sender and the Recipient establish a connection using their preferred format and quality, without the problems of broadcast scalability and the need for Transcoders and Relay nodes. This is an effective way to provide medical advice and online courses with integrated and easy-to-use payments.

AVA token deployed in the Power network. It has a predetermined limited number of coins, it is easily integrated with both decentralized and traditional databases.

Its total volume is 500 million units and is divided into 18 decimal places. No additional coins will be issued in the future.

In the final version (AvaGo version 1.0) the AVA token is a digital asset that allows you to instantly and for free execute transactions inside AvaGo.

AVA tokens are the only payment method in AvaGo. Users use AVA tokens to pay for broadcasters for provided content or for one-time online video services, advertising and payment for actions or subscriptions to a transcoder for transcoding and relay nodes for broadcasts.

The more users join AvaGo, the higher the cost of AVA tokens. The AVA token can also be used as a mechanism for transferring values between users within AvaGo and on sites that use AvaGo technology and are part of the Power network.

Content creators can easily profit from the numerous tools provided by the platform. In addition, they will receive active system support when acquiring new customers for their services.

The principles of monetization vary depending on the model and type of services.

• Individual consultations can be provided free of charge or for fixed payment agreed between

author and user. Bets can be discussed in each specific case. The platform comes with an invoicing and escrow system that provides a consultation fee. This gives the author confidence that the user will pay for the service, while the user is confident that they will be provided with high-quality counseling.

• For public broadcasts addressed to a large audience, the site provides two basic solutions, “Pay Per View”, where access for customers is subject to initial payment, the so-called “ticket”. There is no time limit for this. Also available is the “Pay Per Minute” solution, which allows you to charge the viewer for every minute you start broadcasting.

The system also provides other monetization options, such as: In-Stream Payments, Advertising, Tips / Donations, Subscription Plans, etc.

The service provider creates the task

The service provider sets the price of the service that he wants to receive from the Recipient, viewing live broadcast for a specified time (for example, 11 AVA tokens for 20 minutes), selects one of the transcoding devices (for example, 1 AVA token per hour) and transfers the commission to a reasonable contract, acting as a conditional deposit.

Transcoders place their videos on the streaming exchange. Transcoders add their charge for the cost of Broadcaster transmission so that they can cover their transcoding costs and provide the given bandwidth.

The service provider selects Transcoders and pays the initial fee to cover its conversion costs in the event that a significant audience is on the broadcast network. The payment is provided at the expense of escrow, realized as a reasonable contract.

Security and transaction protection – solving problems with the order

If the Recipient has problems with the performance of the service, he can open a dispute. The system will select random validators. For a small fee, they check the record and vote to settle the dispute. Only then payments are exempt from escrow.

All private sessions are registered and encrypted and are subject to subsequent review at the time of filing the claim. If there are no disputes, then after the expiry of the term the complaints are deleted from the servers.

If the service was not completed, the funds will be returned to the account of the order participant. Each party can cancel the transaction.

At this stage, the AvaGo Platform can participate in the resolution of disputes in the event of a dispute between the transmitting sender and the Recipient.

Complete decentralization

At this point, the AvaGo network becomes completely decentralized. The centralized AvaGo platform turns into one of many transcoders.

Everyone can join the network as a Transcoder or Relay Node, as decentralized markets are ready.


You want to see at the moment the Egyptian pyramids or the volcanic eruption in the Hawaiian Islands, you open a mobile application and mark the place from where you want to receive the broadcast on the map, users who are in the radius of the specified point receive notifications of the required broadcast (broadcasts are rewarded). Multiple users can be combined into multi-broadcast (this allows users) to view the broadcast of the specified location from different angles. In our application, users can request broadcasts, they can merge broadcasts, and of course they can watch the current broadcasts of users (if desired, reward the broadcast and conduct a dialogue with it).

Or, for example, you want to watch a concert, live – live, in real time to discuss it with other users and interact with the broadcast operator, combine broadcasts (for example: operator, commentator and presenter) – it’s cool.

Or, for example, where something happened and the news agencies urgently need material from the specified location, they set up a broadcast request with remuneration, they can merge the broadcasts and interact with the operator in real time.

Or for example, you want to give a gift to your friend who is in another city or country, you want to give a bouquet of flowers:

  1. You add a task that describes the task, for example: “Buy flowers and deliver them with congratulations.”

  2. Specify the location and conditions for execution.

  3. Users who are nearby receive a notice and can do it for you for the reward you indicated.

It will look something like this:

  • Users send you applications with comments about their readiness to complete your assignment.

  • You choose the operator from the user suggestions.

  • The selected operator starts a closed broadcast, if you do not need a public broadcast.

  • The executing operator broadcasts (in online video mode) shows you a flower shop with various bouquets of flowers and their cost

  • You choose a bouquet that you liked, you know its real value as you see and hear all the interactions of the Contractor with the seller, you can even bargain …

  • Having determined the price, the Contractor orders payment for the purchase of flowers

  • You confirm payment and on your account the amount for writing off to the account of the Contractor is blocked, after which the Executor-operator buys a bouquet of flowers and requests an unblocking for the purchase of the bouquet, you confirm the unlocking, the funds are credited to the Executor-operator.

  • Next, according to the assignment, the Executor-operator must present a bouquet of flowers and congratulate your friend, the Executor-operator arrives with a bouquet at the address specified by you at the time specified by you and starts the second broadcast (in online video mode) showing how he gives your friend a bouquet of flowers and congratulates on your behalf, and you yourself in online mode can congratulate your friend, since all this in real time occurs …

  • Further, the Executor sends a request to close the job, you confirm the assignment and unlock the fee for the Operator-Operator.

The same example can also be used to deliver drugs or food to their distant relatives, etc.

AvaGo is a multi-user online broadcast application with real rewards (not beans, hearts or huskies) in the reward system the AVA token will be used.

AVA token – international token of cross-platform loyalty program Crypto Loyalty (Rucoin Loyalty)

What we prepared in the AvaGo application:

– the ability to get the broadcast from the right place or notify the nearest users about the required broadcast.

– financial reward for broadcast users.

– financial reward of users evaluating video broadcast.

– function “action” for rewarding users for the action of the broadcaster.

– multi-broadcast (discussions, up to three broadcasters).

– closed video broadcast (video transmission between users or between a group of users).

– Select the age limit for the video broadcast.

– balanced power consumption of the application.

– the application works in the background.

– video broadcasts in the tape, search by filter marks: age limit, country, city, subject.

– view subscribers list with the ability to view subscriber profiles during the broadcast.

– the opportunity is shared by music and photos during the video broadcast.

– announcements of upcoming (planned) video broadcasts.

– automatic moderation of video broadcast.

– automatic recognition of prohibited tags in the video stream.

– automatic evaluation of video broadcast.

– preservation and user monetization of high-quality video content.

– Adding an advertising video content before the beginning of the video broadcast (the advertising video content is provided by the application).

For those who supported our project, we prepared a reward:

– you are the first to receive the release of the application until November 2018 (your opinion will be taken into account in the further development of the application).

– you will receive advertising airtime (this is an expensive gift), air time is redeemed by advertisers.

You will be delighted with the AvaGo application, and most importantly you have supported in its creation!

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