Aworker (WORK)

Decentralized Platform for Recruitment Industry

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0.073229 USD
0.00042 ETH
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0.05806 USD
0.000333 ETH
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Hard Cap
24,770 ETH
Start Date
26 May 2018
End Date
27 June 2018

What is Aworker?

Aworker is a next-generation recruitment platform powered by Blockchain. Aworker will reduce the cost per hire up to 4 times. The hiring of personnel is one of the most influential markets in the world, the volume of which is $429 billion.

There are tens of thousands of hiring agencies in the world
The average commission of talent agency may get to 15% of the employee’s annual salary.
The average ‘cost per hire’ in the US is $8,000
The hiring process is not transparent nor clear.
Aworker develops a disruptive solution by putting blockchain-driven technologies at the core of the Work 2.0. Now each person will receive a reward for his job-related recommendation.

Rewards are paid automatically with the help of a smart contract to all participants in the hiring process.

Aworker is created in order to solve problems:

Reducing the cost of hiring. Middlemen take a high commission for their work. The average cost of closing a middle manager vacancy is $8,000. Smart contracts make this process more transparent and can reduce expenses up to 4 times.
Control of personal data. Now people will be able to control personal information and get rewarded for that at the same time.
People will find a job that suits them more psychologically. Aworker will help companies to find better employees.

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