BDXAlliance (BDX)

At BDXAlliance, it’s Our Focus to Create Trust

Review Score
ICO Price
0.3 EUR
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
4,127,000 EUR
Hard Cap
22,500,000 EUR
Start Date
28 November 2018
End Date
28 February 2019

What is BDXAlliance?

At BDXAlliance, it’s our mission to provide an all-inclusive approach to blockchain and ICOs. Faced with the choice between this or that, we believe you’ll be wanting value for money. At the core of our business, we genuinely care about you, because you are us. Our approach means that we only get to evolve thanks to your approval and we only get to grow with your support. We care about crypto and the development of the industry and field. That means that crypto and blockchain are about how we use it in everyday life. And that’s a big motivator for us.

BDXAlliance is a family of independent yet complementary services and activities, founded on BDXCoin, and supported by four strong principles: transparency, efficiency, authenticity and vigour against a backdrop of change within our industry. Our competitors drive us to do better; they don’t shape us. That’s your job.

We believe we have created the world’s first truly flexible platform or ecosystem: offering every customer a comprehensive range of great choices suited to their personal needs. We are also committed to ensuring a continually evolving roster of purposeful products for a variety of brands and users. We’ve future-proofed our platform and put you in the middle, empowered to tell us what to make and how to do more.

We work with all parties in the crypto supply chain from government authorities to local experts to meet specific requisites in security and scalability, making us the industry leader in ecosystem technology. Moreover, because you are at the heart of our business, our education provision is unparalleled. We are innovative and unrivalled in our field.

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