benefitcoin (BENFIT)

ICO Crypto – is unique Platform

Review Score
ICO Price
0.35 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.16 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
7 June 2019
Pre ICO End Date
7 September 2019
Start Date
10 September 2019
End Date
10 December 2019

What is benefitcoin?


The global economy is inevitably moving towards digital eco-system. The newest and most promising addition to the digital payment sector is cryptocurrency. We proudly present to you brand new, revolutionary digital currency benefitcoin benefitcoin is a developing blockchian codebase encompassed to maximize your privacy allowing you to send or receive your assets privately and securely. Benefitcoin is a decentralized open source, anonymous peer to peer cryptocurrency that cuts out the middleman, while keeping all the features a user would expect from a cryptocurrency. Benefitcoin is a privacy focused currency working with a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, aiming to be viable means of trading value while offering minimal transaction fees and lengths. Benefitcoin is a PoS (Proof of stake) currency Benefit coin can be identified, purchased or sold on exchanges under currency symbol BENFIT. BENFIT set of advantages give it robustness in terms of governance and long term stability. At its core, BENFIT is designed, engineered and evolved the best practices and developments to ensure users transactional security and privacy. Benefitcoin is safer to use than other cryptocurrencies and there are number of reasons for that. By safer we mean surety and stability of the development team, who work hard to support the coin. Benefitcoin is a decentralized open source crypto currency focused on instant private transactions with near zero transaction fees.  BENFIT COIN provides you with your own personal wealth security and the means to secure your current and future transactions privately and instantly.

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