Bidium (BIDIUM)

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Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
0.01 USD
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
10,000,000 USD
Start Date
25 May 2018
End Date
23 June 2018

What is Bidium?

BIDIUM is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which combines the power of Advance  Auction with Freelance Hiring on top of Blockchain Technology. It acts as a bidding  marketplace for buyers to purchase by bidding and a freelance platform to employers, who  are looking to hire freelancers. The transaction could be made with the aid of more than 10  coins. The exchange accepts BIDM (Bidium native token), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and  other coins that will be announced at a later stage.

The platform offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to save time as there is a limited time period of 24 hours to bid for any product. This will provide sellers an assurance of getting authorized buyers only, which in turn prevent their products from being blocked by malicious buyers. In addition to this the freelance platform will give both freelancers and employers the opportunity to use our native coin by paying only 0.1% charges while the use of another coin will attract 1% charge.

The major benefit to the sellers is they will get 50% Ad profit shares, regardless of whether their products are sold or not and if their products are sold, even buyers also will get 30%  Ad profit shares if product sold. Sellers have the opportunity of selling multiple quantities of the same product on different slots.

The platform offers an adequate exchange solution along with an effective freelance platform backed up with an interactive interface to make it a delightful experience for the users. The platform facilitates light and fast trading technique with 50% generated revenue from trading. The revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token holders i.e. usually stored on the BIDIUM wallet. There is no transaction fee for the transfer of BIDM tokens between BIDIUM platform users. In addition to this, only a 0.05% trading fee will be charged on exchange platform and it will be further reduced to a 0.01% trading fee for BIDM token holders. An offline wallet will be developed to store BIDM securely. The BIDM token will also be used to bid for products on the BIDIUM marketplace.

Freelancing is another prominent feature that the platform offers. Freelancers and Employers will be able to use BIDM token with ‘NO’ transaction fee for bidding platform, freelancing platform and trading platform. Reviews and ratings for each employer and freelancer will help in maintaining the history.

In summary, our market structure is made up of networks of various technical devices that will give investors the opportunity of benefiting from a marketplace without centralized location. In our decentralized bidding market, we will provide buyers with access to different bids and give them the opportunity of directly transacting with sellers rather than a centralized authority.

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