Bigtangle (BTT)

The Revolution in Blockchain Technology

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0.00004 USD
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0.00004 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
40,000,000 USD
Start Date
15 November 2018
End Date
15 March 2019

What is Bigtangle?


The core idea of the BigTangle project is the creation of a global economic system in which all actors, from private individuals to companies to states can interact directly or indirectly with all actors at any time and in a simple manner, i.e. manage their economies and assets. Blockchain technology thus becomes the global economic and social standard through BigTangle.

As a payment system, the solution must be equal to or better than Paypal, Visa and Alipay in terms of scalability and cost-performance. As a decentralized market and exchanges, the solution has to be equal to or better than NASDAQ, the NY Exchange or Binance in terms of scalability and confirmation speed. As a decentralized supply chain management system, the solution must be applicable on aglobal scale. As a decentralized E-Commerce solution, the solution must be equal to or better than Amazon and Alibaba by eliminating fees and centralization overhead.

Only a solution with a parallelizable architecture and an implementation based on Big Data technology can achieve all of the aforementioned properties at the same time. Without sufficient scalability and cost-performance, a cryptocurrency network cannot achieve ubiquity and become standard.

BigTangle is a cryptocurrency network extending directed acyclic graph architectures with Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) as a consensus algorithm and distributed Proof-of-Work. Through the use of industry standard big data technology in conjunction with the parallelizable architecture, BigTangle is a successor to conventional blockchains in the sense that it generalizes existing blockchain and smart contract architectures and makes them usable on a global scale. BigTangle focuses on economically important key use cases. Custom token issuances, market exchanges, mining and smart contracts are supported. BigTangle is very similar to family trees with MCMC as natural selection process. The application is build on microservices and is very easy for use. Because of this and the unique design, BigTangle has the potential to exist as the only platform of its kind comparable to the Internet.

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