Building an Open and Fairer Financial System

Review Score
ICO Price
2.789677 USD
0.016 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
100 ETH
Hard Cap
35,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
15 November 2018
Pre ICO End Date
31 January 2019
Start Date
15 November 2018
End Date
31 January 2019

What is BiPS?

The BiPS Token is a new digital currency, that when live, will be backed by Property and Assets and the press are referring to the Token type as an Asset Token. Once the Asset Token and platform go public, the BiPS Tokens will be sold in an orderly manner to create stability and value for the BiPS Token holders. Unlike other digital currencies that have very little behind them, the BiPS network will have cash, property and secured debt instruments creating stability and liquidity together underpinned by the following four elements:  Security (Proven regulated platform); Trust (Our team); Regulation (Authorised by The FCA); Privacy (Blockchain anonymity via smart contracts).

The BiPS Token is NOT a crypto coin. A crypto coin is meant to be solely a form of payment or exchange in the moment of time and transaction i.e. Bitcoin.

We seek to bring trust to the crypto world, by creating underlying value in the BiPS Token. When the Token is used as a payment or exchange, not only will the trade be on the public blockchain ledger, but the network will have underlying resources and real world stores of value such as property and other assets.

85% of the worlds population have minimal access to financial security and freedom. With the decentralised blockchain and BiPS Token that could very well be about to change.

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