BitBase (BTB)

New Escrow Blockchain Technology

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Start Date
10 September 2017
End Date
27 October 2017

What is BitBase?


Why BTB ESCROW – BTB Covers over 100 Alt coins including BTC escrow service, Since 2016 we have built such a great system that will be available to merchants across the globe, Being able to instantly accept and send payment using escrow services as an option.

Crypto currencies are gaining ground globally, We all know how safe are fiat transactions, In the crypto world many currencies lack of security and fraud is on the rise, This is where BTB ESCROW the base of crytpo currencies unite with BTB and online payment solution for merchants to accept 100 top Coins including BTB to be able to use escrow as an option to safe gaurd from fraudstars online. We have built such a system escrow technology that has under gone alot of testing thinking and ideas. Bringing crypto world to you with ease.

How to use BTB coin.

  1. As a payment for goods and services with escrow option
  2. Transfer between currency pairs within a multi-currency wallet instantly
  3. Buy or exchange BTB Coins
  4. Payment gateway for our partners
  5. BTC /ETH api/ ipn recieve and send instant payments

Be in control of your money

Bitbase are a team of highly skilled developers working day in day out, We want to make crypto currency that will be escrow based having the option to send and recieve with peace of mind. mobile apps and website wherever you are.

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