BitcashPay (BCP)

The Blockchain Solution for Every Cashless Transaction

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ICO Price
0.05 USD
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Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
1 November 2020
Pre ICO End Date
31 December 2020
Start Date
1 January 2021
End Date
31 March 2021

What is BitcashPay?


BitcashPay (BCP) is ERC20 compliant token issued on the Ethereum platform. It ensures security and speed of transactions as well as compatibility with third-party services.

With BitCashPay, low trading latency is assured as we leverage ultramodern technologies to ensure speed and efficiency. This platform is designed to be highly user-friendly with AI integration. This makes easy for anyone to navigate the platform and participate actively in trading and other activities. We have topnotch customer service as we prioritize our customers in everything we do. We hope to attract as many merchants as possible to the platform, which will enable consumers to purchase several products using BCP coin. Lastly, since we are interested in encouraging more people to join the crypto space, we offer zero fees for BCP stakers and minimal fees for non-BCP stakers. The good news is that, everyone will be benefited from the said platform.

BitCashPay platform is designed in a way that ensures the following:

1. Buy cellular load with cashless

2. Buy fast food products

3. Real-Time Transaction Balance and History

4. Accept All Business Type. No restriction on what type of business it is, grab this opportunity, and let others know more about your business.

5. BitCashPay allows your business to get access to worldwide customer base with no boundaries.

6. Access Anytime, Anywhere. Mobile Accessible and get instant notification with BitCashPay App wherever you go and whatever the time is.

Additional info:

1. We are now accepting BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, XRP, and TRX
2. Presale is now live and buyers will get additional 50% bonus with minimum purchase of 5,000 BCP token.
3. We are also selling BCP tokens for LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS with 240% BONUS with a minimum purchase of 50,000 BCP token.
4. Our staking is now live and stakers who stake 50,000 BCP and above will earn 7% monthly or 84% APR, paid daily while stakers who stake less than 50,000 BCP will earn 5% monthly or 60% APR, paid daily.

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