BitcoinBing (BING)

BitcoinBing Exchange will be live from December

Review Score
ICO Price
0.5 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.5 USD
Soft Cap
4,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
40,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
15 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
30 September 2018
Start Date
1 October 2018
End Date
15 November 2018

What is BitcoinBing?

Bitcoinbing has been created with the purpose of solving the current issues. The exchanges today are facing a certain number of issues. Bitcoinbing team had outlined all those issues and designed its own exchange in a way that it bypasses all those problems.

AlmostAlmost all the existing exchanges are put together in a rush to make profits as soon as possible. This approach has caused basic shortcomings in their structure of operations. Bitcoinbing platform took a longer time for development, with the specific goal of ensuring that the user experience does not deteriorate as user volumes rise on the platform. Bitcoinbing team used years of experience in cryptocurrency and design, with this collective effort enabled us to build a platform which maintains a uniform standard for user experience, with the capacity to withstand heavy transaction loads and immense fluctuations. Consequently, we did face some issues in the initial phase of development which was slower, but this is what gives Bitcoinbing the crucial operational edge in practice.

The Key Features are:

1. Zero Fee Structure
Bing token is Bitcoinbing platform’s native token which gives traders zero trading fee, when using it to pay fee for trades made on Bitcoinbing exchange. This mean that Bitcoinbing raised capital, launched with a functional product and instantly had a practical utility to benefit users. A utility token is a functional token that, through smart contract programming, can be utilized
in many different ways. In case of Bing, it can be used to pay for services within the platform as well as with zero trading fee

2. Multiple Currency Pair
BitcoinBing platform offers multiple currency pairing which would enable them in executing multiple transactions simultaneously. Initially the tokens would be paired with BING, BTC, ETH, & USDT. During the 1st quater of 2019 Fiat would be Deployed in which Major currencies would be USD, GBP, & INR.

3. Full Stack Trade Desk

This particular feature strengthens the traders to trade with all the assets and derivatives. It lets them make investments with calculated risks along with telling them the parameters and straightening the transactions. It tells them the total amount of the assets on the dashboard and lets them calculate the profits they gain. The in-built trade calculator includes all the parameters by which the trader makes transactions and it gives out accurate results. The full stack trade desk enables the traders to plan the business strategically, keeping all the risks at bay.

4. Security
Security is the utmost priority for any platform which offers payment and transaction services. Bitcoinbing, being an exchange could not leave a stone unturned to make the security foolproof. Engineered on blockchain, Bitcoinbing has evaluated ever aspect of security and made the platform stalwart to counteract any security threat. This platform has included processes such as KYC to make the information absolutely safe. Blockchain itself provides a seal of security, but to reassure that everything is secure, Bitcoinbing has added every other parameter which makes its security paramount.

More in detailed there would be

2FA Authentication (For Login and Withdraw)
OTP Verification
E-mail Verification (For Login and Withdraw)
All Funds Will be stored in secured cold wallet
Encrypted Keys
DDOs Preotction
Data Transmission
5. Token Buyback
Once a quarter, Bitcoinbing will aggregate atleast 50% of the exchange trading fee and use them to buy and burn Bing exchange tokens. This will keep a balanced amount of tokens in the market and in the platform for users. This process will burn additional tokens getting collected in the market and keep the value of Bing token intact. It would also help in gaining more value on top of the existing value.

6. Speed

In order to relieve the crypto traders from the above mentioned issues, Bitcoinbing team has industriously worked on it architecture. The onsite Bitcoinbing matching engine has a phenomenal transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000orders/secon

7. Desktop & Mobile App

The Bitcoinbing platform is developed for both desktop and mobile users. As the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly, Bitcoinbing doesn’t want any of its users to lose a single transaction due to this limitation. The compatibility of the platform with different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and Linux has been checked by industry experts at numerous stage.

8. Trading competition and Airdrop distribution
With all the other advantages, Bitcoinbing platform will also have a day trading competition and airdrop distribution. This would keep the traders motivated to engage in trading, it would also help them recover their losses, if they face some. Airdrops have become an integral part of ICO marketing campaigns. They can add a significant amount of investors in any program.
The concept of trading competition is introduced to keep users engaged in trading activities which would help them in their portfolio. This program increases the user participation and rewards them with many benefits.

9. 24/7 Live Chat
Bitcoinbing will provide 24/7 live chat support to assist users with any query or issue. Although, the platform is built in such a way that it leaves no scope of issue, the Bitcoinbing team understands that it may take a while for the users to come to terms with the platform. Therefore, we will have live chat support that will help the users with queries and nuances of the platform. This support system will have experts who know the platform inside out. The team will be resolving all the queries as soon as possible and all the complaints will be handled with immediate effect.

10. Instant Withdrawal & Deposits.

There will be Automatic Deposits and Withdrawal in accounts once verified with the security. so the users will have not to wait for the either deposit or withdrawal.

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