BitSoft Bay (BSTX)

Easy to Use, User Friendly and Еransparent.

Review Score
ICO Price
2.749 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
10 May 2018
Pre ICO End Date
31 May 2018
Start Date
30 June 2018
End Date
26 August 2018

What is BitSoft Bay?


BitSoft Interprojects and is a Romanian based company committed to bring cryptocurrencies to the world in a simplified, user friendly way. is a hybrid, next generation platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies to fiat and also allows users to trade hashing power in a stock market-like way.

We offer alternative financial and non-banking asset management solutions outside of traditional financial systems. Unlike them we offer a transparent service and we place all assets straight in to the blockchain.

Unfortunately, many of the cryptocurrencies trading platforms of today, suffer from a lack of support towards their customers or are hard to use and outdated. We are committed to provide full and professional support, 24/7 365 day.

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals and motivated individuals with experience in different fields. All our team have driven some successful projects along the line and some that felt short of reaching their targets. Combining our skills and experiences in developing and managing businesses we have become increasingly successful, thriving from our success and learning from our mistakes.

We have amongst us some of the early miners of “the new gold”, some of the early adopters of the bitcoin and the blockchain technology, going way back as far as 2010, when this new technology and “magic money” that now we call cryptocurrencies, was regarded as useless and very few believed in it. This gives us the technical maturity and insight as to developing a business and providing financial solutions utilizing our own conceived blockchain technology.

We will deliver fast, secure and easy solution providing a boost and easy service for people and companies all around the world.

We aim to become the new world leading trading platform.

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