Monetizable Knowledge

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11 July 2018
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11 September 2018

What is BITX?


Through this ICO project, Bitex uses blockchain technology to restructure its FinTech services to provide monetizable knowledge based on smart contracts, hence to meet the urgent market demand for the performance-based content backend payment. Both the achievements and track records of information, knowledge, data and content created by consumers/ producers will be immutably managed in a distributed storage. With Bitex’s exclusive AI engine for universal stochastic learning, the goal of providing the intelligent feed flow of the user, for the user and by the user (OFBU) is achieved. The authenticity and completeness of the information can be secured. The client-side AI technology is able to realize the decentralization of censorship and to protect the user data privacy.

BITX gets on the edge on the competition with knowledge acquisition and data insight, instead of the traditional computing power. Consensus will evolve into universal knowledge. No BITX will be issued for computing in vain or in waste, but will grow stronger based on the closed-loop system of information management, consumption and knowledge monetization. The competition on BITX unfolds for effective information gain, for the inspiration of creativity but not avarice, in order to achieve cooperation instead of isolation. The overall ecosystem hence becomes more sustainable. Once the true value and direction of computation are recognized and granted by the users, the markets and the competitions on knowledge acquisition, the information exchange and the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge will be accelerated; the general welfare and efficiency of the ecosystem will be further enhanced. BITX and its participating parties will be consequently benefited.

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