Blocform (BFG)

Revolutionize How Stars and Fans Interact in the 21st Century

Review Score
ICO Price
0.15 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
7,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
22,500,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
18 November 2017
Pre ICO End Date
18 December 2017
Start Date
10 May 2018
End Date
9 September 2018

What is Blocform?

The blockchain technology has established itself as an immutable and robust technology that has the ability to change, for the better, every aspect of human endeavor. Since blockchain technology was introduced as the backbone of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, many organizations have realized its limitless possibilities in almost every conceivable field.

Blocform is one of these organizations that promises to be a visionary and explorer of newer areas of implementing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology in our daily life. Venturing into the area of arts and entertainment, it is set to revolutionize the process of interacting and transacting with famed personalities of the music industry. This sphere is another example of the versatility of the blockchain technology and the same is discussed in this document at length. The underlying philosophy of Blocform in initiating an enterprise in this particular domain is their experience and keen observation of the the music industry functioning. Blocform’s creators noticed that some stakeholders of the music industry were working in silos.

Ideally, it should work in a homogenous format, as there needs to be a strong connection between performers, their audience, and the other stakeholders. This is not happening and this is where Blocform decided to make a change. In an extremely fast world today, constant innovation is the key to keep service users captivated. The innovation bit has to be dynamic and if needed should even be deployed on a daily basis. The world today is strongly connected to the internet. People all over the world are looking for effective ways of communication and inspiration. Blocform wants to build a global community with good trading standards using Blockchain methodologies integrating to and from communication between artists and fans.

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