Block Estates (BLEST)

The Intersection of Real Estateand Blockchain Technology

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What is Block Estates?

Real Estate is now the largest global asset class with a value in excess of $217 trillion and a 2017 value increase of $1.4 trillion.

Technology has yet to disrupt the real estate industry in the same way that it has overhauled other sectors such as retail and media. The real estate business as a whole is now ripe for disruption through the introduction of blockchain technology. Combining blockchain technology and smart contracts with real estate will create unprecedented opportunities and asset classes.

Block Estates is creating a real estate investment platform to unleash these opportunities in the blockchain era. This new platform will give investors direct access to a new and lucrative asset class to add to their investment portfolios. The model involves the acquisition of real estate assets, placing these assets on the Block Estates blockchain platform and tokenizing them, then issuing Security Tokens which can be purchased through the Block Estates dashboard.

Block Estates’ platform will provide users with some of the strongest security and safety measures through the use of innovative monitoring and reporting regimes that will be based on blockchain technology. This structure will also create a transparent and streamlined business model with all platform information being accessible in real time.

The Security Tokens will be based Ethereum Smart Contracts and will be ERC20 compliant. Investors will then be able to access investments by purchasing these tokens via the Block Estates platform.

The benefits of our platform include: Improving access to global real estate investments. Simplifying investment entry, exit and ownership transfers. Creating a lucrative investment class providing increased liquiding and trading options. Alleviating inefficiencies and making cross-border transactions simple.  Eliminating substantial overheads faced in certain jurisdictions due to unnecessary middlemen.

Tokenizing real estate investments will allow assets to be uniquely identified via a digital record that contains information regarding ownership, asset characteristics, legal status, historical performance, and financial position. Tokenized ownership will simplify all facets of real estate investing including entry, exit, ownership and transfer. Real estate tokens, representing a share in property ownership, will allow for a liquid real estate market due to transfer simplicity whilst providing investors a unique transparent environment.

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