Block66 (B66)

We Are Securitizing Mortgages on the Blockchain

Review Score
ICO Price
0.15 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.1 USD
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
20,750,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
6 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
19 September 2018
Start Date
20 September 2018
End Date
20 October 2018

What is Block66?

Block66 is building a new blockchain-enabled marketplace for mortgages. Institutional and private lenders can use the service to offer loans to a wide range of borrowers, introduced by Block66 broker partners. Through the practical use of smart contracts, loans can be taken from origination to facilitation, quickly and efficiently. All loans are also represented as tradable tokenized securities, providing a liquidity mechanism as standard. The ability to trade fractions of loans, and reduced order and issuing fees makes investing more inclusive, providing an attractive investment vehicle for all manner of investors. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrency, Block66 eliminates the need for a bank account, overcomes geographical lending restrictions and reduces counterparty risk to mere minutes. For borrowers, the transparent and competitive nature of the marketplace will benefit the consumer and give them confidence that they’re getting near enough the best offer achievable.

Block66 introduces the first platform where lenders can access a marketplace of vetted borrowers looking for mortgage finance. This marketplace is public, transparent, and highly automated, so lending is streamlined, with lower costs, and lower risks. Each loan is represented as a pool of “proof of loan” (PoL) tokens that can be individually resold to investors, providing lenders with liquidity, and empowering a diverse pool of investors.

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