BoatPilot (NAVI)

BoatPilot the Future of Yachting Navigation

Review Score
ICO Price
0.07 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.07 USD
Soft Cap
3920000 USD
Hard Cap
9850000 USD
Start Date
1 April 2018
End Date
30 April 2018

What is BoatPilot?

BoatPilot is based on unique software components. Each component will function as part of our system, and can be used as a ready-made solution by other marine navigation manufacturers and marine chart aggregators.Vector geo-navigation data optimization module can be used on mobile devices with limited computing capabilities and storage space. The module can be used within a cluster.
Our business concept is ready to scale: strategy to expand to new geographies and markets
clear development plan, implying continuous innovation of the product already functioning product, used and positively reviewed by thousands of users strong team passionate about yachting
BoatPilot financial model assumes two possible courses of development and functionalities of BoatPilot. Both are based on the amount of funds raised through the TGE: Soft Cap: $3 920 000. Hard Cap: $9 850 000
Please, see our Roadmap below. If the Soft Cap is not reached during the TGE, all investments made will be returned. The TGE will end automatically when the Hard Cap is reached.
Frequency of token use directly contributes to its growth potential. In other words, the more actively a token is used within the project, the greater its potential for growth. That said, we aim to stimulate NAVI value growth with a two-prong approach. First, every time tokens are used to rent or book a vessel, those tokens will be immediately burned (completely annulled) and taken off the market. This model assumes a gradual decrease of available tokens, and an organic increase of demand and price. Second, at least 25% of all advertising profits will be used to buyout tokens available on cryptocurrency exchanges. We then will burn at least 50% of the tokens, removing them from the market, and further stimulating NAVI value growth.
We want our business concept to work in real life, not just on paper. BoatPilot advertisers don’t usually work with cryptocurrencies, or have crypto-wallets. That is why we decided to implement BoatPoints. BoatPilot advertisers can purchase BoatPoints via their online accounts, and then use BoatPoints to purchase geo-targeted advertising. Part of the revenue (at least 25%) from the sale of BoatPoints will be immediately directed towards the purchase of NAVI tokens on exchanges, and their partial burn (at least 50%) (for more details please see Token Policy and White Paper).
Experienced team of developers, who are in love with sailing! Meet our team and advisers here.
Over 35 000 users have downloaded the beta-version of BoatPilot since its release, with no substantial marketing efforts. BoatPilot maintains a stable user base that includes thousands of yachtsmen around the Mediterranean. Our record-breaking 2017 season showed that BoatPilot navigated over 4 700 yachts. That’s a vote of confidence worth nearly $1.2 billion, considering the average price of a yacht is $250 000.
Contracts with charter and service agencies.

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