The First Loyalty Platform for Gamers

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30,000,000 USD
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What is BUFF?


Nowhere in the gaming industry – mobile, desktop, or console – is there anything like a “Star Alliance” loyalty program.
So, we have decided to build BUFF – a decentralized loyalty platform that rewards gamers simply for playing.

Participants earn BUFF coins by playing their favorite games. The coin allocation process is performed in the background; therefore, it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay or require any additional expenses (installing the BUFF Wallet is free). BUFF coins can be redeemed for virtual in-game items across various brands and platforms.

BUFF’s decentralized gaming loyalty platform is a groundbreaking cryptoeconomy ecosystem based only on gamers’ merits, in which gamers earn BUFF coins in direct correlation to their progress, achievements and time spent gaming, regardless of their hardware capabilities. Through its extensive network of corporations with different gaming platforms, BUFF hopes to enable holders of BUFF coins to purchase virtual goods across multiple gaming brands; trade with other holders and gamers on BUFF’s wallet, which is based on blockchain technology for maximal security and transparency.

BUFF is using Blockchain technology to build our very own decentralized “mileage/token economy” for gamers across all games worldwide, fueled by our own issued cryptocurrency: the BUFF coin.
Gaming is a $116B a year market (2017) with 2.5 billion users and an 10% YoY growth . The gamers and the gaming market value spreads between tens of thousands of small-medium-large brands, with a few mega-hits dominating the industry in terms of both number of active gamers and revenue from in-game purchase.

From “Clash Royale” to “FIFA”; ‘From “Clash Royale” to “FIFA” and casual games to high-end quests, each has its own silo economy of points for achievements, rewards and in-game purchases.
The problem, however, in our view, remains that gamers cannot generate, bank, or accumulate their efforts into something tangible, such as a standardized currency, usable across different games, platforms and exchanges.

We view games as an archipelago of different brands: each one being centralized, governed by its own one-sided rules, with currently no way to connect them in a fully decentralized manner and with as many wallets and “game currencies” as there are games in the industry.

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