Cache (CHE)

Tools to Make Blockchain Usable

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11 June 2018
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26 July 2018
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26 July 2018
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31 August 2018

What is Cache?

Cache is a cryptocurrency and series of projects aimed at empowering developers, startups, and products to easily adopt powerful blockchain features such as assets, tokens, decentralization, identity management, and more.

Our goal is to make blockchain accessible and usable to existing developers, platforms and end users throughout the world.

In short, we believe that in order to have a more decentralized world that we need to make development, tools, and user experience surrounding blockchain an easy choice.Cache-logo-dark

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The Cache token sale is designed completely around empowering developers and businesses to utilize blockchain. While other tokens are great at generating hype, Cache will be focused with onboarding developers, businesses, websites, and companies.

The Cache token sale consists of 4 major components:

  1. Creation of the Blockstart platform: Blockstart is the core platform that makes blockchain development easy
  2. Creation of the Cacheout ecosystem: Cacheout is an incentivized ecosystem of learning within a decentralized environment
  3. Scaling of Devslopes education platform: Devslopes is the education platform that will train the next generation of blockchain developers
  4. Selling and distribution of the Cache token: Cache is the token that powers these platforms

We believe that if we can make the technology easier to understand and use, and then train developers on how to use that technology, we can quickly onboard developers and companies throughout the world to start using blockchain.

Cache has been in testing and prototyping phases for months. Cache is in production today. You can currently purchase learning courses from using the Cache token.

You can also use the Cache currency in your own apps and website using the cache-typescript-sdk. The SDK currently supports React Native, Ionic, Web, Electron, or Node APIs. You may send and receive Cache using the official Cache wallet.

Cache Wallet:

Cache operates and lives within the NEM blockchain platform. NEM operates secure, RESTful APIs that allow developers to build unique, user friendly solutions on top of the platform. To send Cache or make Cache transactions a user will pay a nominal transaction fee in the XEM cryptocurrency. Unlike Ethereum, fees in the NEM blockchain are non-variable, reliable and low cost.

The cache-typescript-sdk is an open source library forked from the NEM ecosystem and enhanced by our team.

SDK Use Cases

Here are some of the things you can do with Cache and the cache-typescript-sdk TODAY:

  • Accept Cache as payment in an iOS or Android app
  • Accept Cache as payment on your website
  • Send and receive Cache in mobile, web, or desktop apps
  • Use Cache as a form of in-game currency in mobile or desktop games
  • Create an app that lists all of the Cache high-rollers
  • And thousands of other ideas and use cases

Again, Cache and the cache-typescript-sdk are a currency and product that are both working in production today. The moment you purchase Cache you can start using it.

Upcoming Cache Features

The following Cache features all use the NEM public blockchain (NIS1) and its associated tooling and our custom upgrades, and each is open source. These are listed in order of development priority.

  • iOS & Android Wallet Apps
    • We are working on open source wallet apps for iOS & Android.
    • Innovative secret key recovery
    • Transaction histories
    • Address book with aliases
    • Unparalleled crypto wallet UX
  • Desktop Wallet App Enhancements
    • Innovative secret key recovery
    • Analytics dashboard
  • Devslopes Cache Wallet Integration
    • Devslopes will lead the way in bringing the wallet to its existing users through the Devslopes desktop app
  • Cache Payment SDK
    • This Payment SDK is dedicated to allowing websites and apps the ability to accept Cache with a few lines of code. This goes beyond the cache-typescript-sdk. With the Payment SDK a developer or company can insert a simple <script> snippet and have a fully immersive Cache payment gateway on their websites – all completely decentralized.

The Platforms

We are creating 3 major platforms that will rapidly accelerate worldwide adoption of blockchain development. These platforms will cater to three major segments:

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