Cakepie (CKP)

State-of-the-Art Subdao by Magpie to Bolster the Long Term Sustainability of PancakeSwap

Review Score
ICO Price
1.5 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Start Date
4 January 2024
End Date
4 January 2024

What is Cakepie?


Cakepie is an advanced SubDAO created by the Magpie Kitchen to enhance the long-term sustainability of PancakeSwap’s veCAKE design. The primary objective of Cakepie is to accumulate CAKE tokens and lock them as veCAKE, helping to decrease its circulating supply. This allows Cakepie to capitalize on PancakeSwap’s structure, optimizing governance power and offering passive income opportunities for DeFi users.

Cakepie provides a platform for users to deposit their assets and automatically receive optimized APR as liquidity providers. Simultaneously, it offers an efficient way for PancakeSwap voters to gain voting power and earn passive income via the CKP token.

Cakepie allows CAKE holders from PancakeSwap to achieve high APR without any lock up period by converting their tokens into mCAKE. Utilizing the principles of the veCAKE model, Cakepie enables users to maximize their CAKE rewards. mCAKE, developed by Cakepie, is a variant of the CAKE token, granting users a substantial share of CAKE rewards and greater flexibility within Cakepie. This system allows CAKE holders to convert their tokens into mCAKE on a 1:1 basis, thereby amplifying their passive income potential.

Cakepie locks all the CAKE converted by users as veCAKE within PancakeSwap, leading to its accumulation. By possessing veCAKE, Cakepie gains access to increased CAKE rewards and governance rights on PancakeSwap, thus facilitating reliable and enhanced passive income for its users.

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