CamOnRoad (CAM)

For today more than a million of drivers worldwide had installed the car DVR mobile application CamOnRoad on their Android and iOS devices.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.217943 USD
0.00125 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.217943 USD
0.00125 ETH
Soft Cap
10 000 ETH
Hard Cap
Start Date
14 October 2017
End Date
12 November 2017

What is CamOnRoad?

Today there is hardly a global player in the IT market who questions the fact that data is new oil. In the information age cost of digital gold depends only on quality of the raw data and the depth of its processing. That’s why the artificial intelligence area is one of the hottest topics in the industry. Thanks to such giants as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple that use the methods of machine learning for recognition of various objects in photos and videos, we’ve got self-driving cars, face recognition technologies and those funny ears in our selfies in Instagram.

These companies have made significant progress in the area of development of artificial intelligence technologies, in large part due to accumulated huge amount of data, which are required for training the recognition algorithms. Other organizations wishing to use artificial intelligence methods for improving their business performance, should either have their own data for training, or buy large amount of data, the value of which will grow with the development of technology.

Smart Labs team has developed and issued a platform called CamOnRoad, which in the real time collects, stores and processes a lot of videos and telemetric data from automobile roads from all over the world. The basic parts of the system include: mobile application – dash camera, private cloud storage, artificial neural networks for processing video, public cloud storage and video search engine.

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