Capital (CALL)

Private Communication Solution

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1 July 2018
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29 September 2018
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What is Capital?

It is no news that the world today communicates through private voice calling and messaging. With over 6 trillion dollars made in revenue annually, the telecommunication’s industry is one of the largest indus- tries in the world, and continues to evolve towards the direction of centralization, as it has done from inception.

We cannot do without telecommunication, calls and messaging; and the many advantages of telecom- munication include the ability to stay in touch with friends and family and to keep up with many aspects of business and commerce.

The benefits of telecommunication cannot be under estimated. In fact, without telecommunication, the internet and the blockchain technology would not exist voice, data wireless or fixed communication would not exist; as would audio or video broadcasting.

Now imagine the same telecommunications on the blockchain technology, defined here as a peer-to- peer distributed ledger (in- formation recorded in a shared database) that enables open and trusted exchanges over the internet without central servers or an independent trusted authority, allowing for transparent, verifi- able, and secure digital asset transactions with both proofs of rights and ownership.

If the current trend of the telecommunication’s industry continues and is not disrupted with blockchain technology, all the power and resources in the industry will land into the hands of a few. To buck this trend, Capital Technologies & Research is building a digital ecosystem for the future. Capital Technologies & Research is lead- ing the way in innovation, and is set to change the economic and social landscape of digital media and communications worldwide, with the goal of laying a foundation and telecommunications eco- system of massive growth and potential.

Capital Technologies & Research will be manufacturing a computerized environment for what is to come, and is poised to revolutionize communication between users. By relaying communication be- tween multiple random nodes in order to decentralize private voice calls and messages, making it more accessible and cheaper for users.

The number of smartphones in the world today exceeds 8 billion, held by about 5 billion smartphone users, who use private voice calling and messaging. It is our aim to reduce all monthly fees to users and replace revenues currently generated from charging users of private voice calling and messaging monthly by revenues from digital advertising.

Being the first decentralized private voice calling and messaging provider, Capital Technologies & Research will revolutionize the current telecommunication industry, changing the economic and social landscape of digital media and communications worldwide.

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