CCET Project (CCET)

Innovative Platform to Save the World

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20 September 2018
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13 November 2018

What is CCET Project?

CCET (Certified Carbon Emission Transaction) Project realizes the new ecosystems of carbon credits transaction system based on smart contract through blockchaining with CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) for reducing greenhouse gas to prevent global warming. We aim to develop this system which carbon credits can be converted to blockchain, in order to encourage participation and understanding of the public and solve problems of complexity and accessiblity to the carbon market. It will become the first blockchain system to the compulsory market of carbon credits and encourage various individual Prosumers who is either can be Producer or Consumer to participate in greenhouse gas reduction activity with renewable energy. Furthermore, it will be regarded as transaction method in real economy with “Creation and Transaction System of Carbon Credits based on Blockchained Encryption” Also, CCET Project is a solution in complicated processes to develop CDM project and transaction system of CERs (Certified Emission Reductions). From this perspective,CDM methodologies will be applied to small scale energy system (Micro-Grid) and distributed transportation system (TTN, Trans-Transport-Network) as well as big scale energy system (Big-Grid)for greenhouse gas reductions are converted into carbon credits which are eventually formed as blockchain.

Through this new ecosystem, carbon market will be more accessible to the public. In addition, CCET Project allows every individual prosumer to transact the ‘futures’ or ‘products’ within the Node (stores or financials) using intra-tokens so called C# Tokens. For this, experts and specialists such as UNFCCC-CCC, IETA and CTX who has the world-renowned carbon credits trading platform are taking a part to realize this system. With solid technical foundations, we keep on developing the technology in order to induce the interest of the world organizations such as World Bank, IPCC, Climate-KIC and GCF. And we will continue to strive for solidifying this system to resolve technical barriers and suggest our various options for minimizing frictions with existing exchange market and participating together. The greenhouse gas reduction and global warming are important issues for our living and it must be carried out to protect the Earth and environment. Many technological, administrative, financial and political effort are implemented to solve these issues so far, but still the greenhouse gas reduction activities were mainly driven by specific experts and large organizations only; however, we aim to encourage participation from the public. We are trying to approach the greenhouse gas reduction activities with broader and more fundamental point of view by including the public as player. We are looking forward to your active participation with all our hopes

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