Centrality (CENNZ)

Developing a Peer to Peer Marketplace

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
100,000,000 USD
Start Date
15 January 2018
End Date
15 February 2018

What is Centrality?


The Centrality Platform is an ecosystem platform that supports each stage of the startup life cycle. It takes a human-centric approach that allows users to interact with a range of different applications with very low friction. The Centrality Platform allows developers to create applications which leverage the combined scale of the ecosystem in order to beat the incumbent startup hurdles that exist today.

Technology alone does not have the power to overcome the momentum that the incumbent technology companies have, and with the advent of machine learning these incumbent companies are extending their advantage at exponential rates. Without a radical shift in the way the economic model behind a startup works, and without working in a different way to the typical startup model, the landscape is unlikely to change.

Centrality’s direct customers are smart entrepreneurs who are trying to disrupt traditional value chains and concepts by implementing Blockchain technology.

The major advances in application development have been driven by platforms such as AWS and AZURE, providing developers with tools, services, APIs and applications which enable them to focus on the value-creating parts of the technology stack and user experience.

However, this has further concentrated power to the platform owners which have rapidly consolidated. Imagine a world where the developers and customers harness the benefits from the services provided by a platform like AWS and the value the applications create, instead of that benefit being concentrated in a single central entity.

Centrality has built a platform, services and a library of applications that can be used as building blocks to create a decentralized application (“DApp”) business. This component-based design gives startups flexibility over their product, while ensuring a standardised look and feel across all Centrality Platform DApps. By standardising design for all scenes, it provides participants with a clean user experience across the ecosystem.

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