CheckCar (CCR)

This is a first decentralized blockchain platform for the market of diagnostics and selection of cars around the world.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.034871 USD
0.0002 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.029059 USD
0.00016666667 ETH
Soft Cap
2,000 ETH
Hard Cap
50,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
1 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
30 September 2018
Start Date
1 September 2018
End Date
30 September 2018

What is CheckCar?

Each of us ever bought or planned to buy a car and faced several very serious market problems:

Incomplete or incorrect information of a car purchased;
Unreasonably overvalued car;
Lack of possibility to independently carry out full diagnostics of a car;
Huge time costs for search, selection and self-examination of cars;
Self-performed legal review of a car;
There is a huge number of unqualified and flaky persons in the market who offer paid on-site diagnostics and selection of cars. is a service solving all market problems by using Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technologies. The service directly connects a buyer with a diagnostician.

The principal purpose of the project is to ensure transparency and security of the market for both second-hand and new cars offered by dealers.


For customers

Fill in applications for expert services
Receive offers from our trusted auto experts
Enable Smart-Contract
Pay only for quality work

For experts

Respond to requests
Enable Smart-Contract
Get experience and reward
Follow our weekly quests
Why do we need an ICO?

We are going to raise funds for the project development by notifying various cryptocommunities and investors and releasing ERC20 tokens called “Check-Car” or CCR. The issued tokens will be used to make the main transactions on the platform.

Services of the platform can be paid in CCR, ETH, BTC, Dash, LiteCoin and other cryptocurrencies. The service also supports fiat money.

Name: Check Car Token
Notation: CCR
Decimals: 18
Number of issued tokens: 1,000,000,000

Distribution of the funds raised

● 33% – project development

● 42% – project marketing

● 10% – administrative resource

● 10% – security system

● 3% – infrastructure maintenance

● 2% – software

Token distribution upon the ICO completion:

● 45% of CCR tokens – Pre ICO и ICO participants

● 20% of tokens – project team (support and development)

● 10% of tokens – legal infrastructure

● 5% of tokens – bounty program

● 20% of tokens – reserve


The CCR Token will be used for internal system settlements and smart contracts creation. Check-Car will spend 20% of quarterly profit to buy tokens on exchanges and then burn them. This ensures that their value will increase over time. The token value will also grow along with the popularity of the project.

Check Car iNvest

After the successful service launch and operation, within 1 year after the implementation of all the project stages, a special token will be issued – CCRi (Check-Car invest), which will allow holders to receive a constant income – part of the project profit.

CCRi can be acquired in exchange for CCR tokens. CCRi token issue will be limited, the exact rate and volume will be published right before the issue of new tokens.

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