CI Chain (CIC)

Cell Intelligence Chain

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Start Date
1 September 2018
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30 September 2018

What is CI Chain?


Blockchain technology has become a global trend with the invention of bitcoin. Nowadays, the constant innovation and breakthrough of blockchain technology. From the perspective of application value, the blockchain has already undergone a blockchain 1.0 (Payment Blockchain, BTC Bitcoin, LTC Litecoin, XRP Ripple) with basic payment functions. Next is Blockchain 2.0 (Smart contract, with ETH Ethereum, EOS, NEO) with the smart contract function. Following become a Blockchain 3.0 that owns IoT, called Blockchain of Things – (which stands for IOTA [Remarks: IOTA does not reach 10,000 loads per second, just the prototype of the blockchain Internet of Things.). It eventually became a blockchain 4.0 (called New Utility Chain) with innovative application capabilities. A total of four levels of evolution have been experienced.

The blockchain version 4.0 adds new blockchains for innovative application functions based on 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Today, Blockchain 4.0 has been developed into digital economics such as media, travel, entertainment, news, games, and social networking. Each new application function may have the potential to change a traditional industry based on the blockchain. It can be seen that the blockchain will be the biggest development trend after the Internet. In the world’s top 500 companies, the blockchain segment will occupy an important seat.

Innovative technologies and application functions are important conditions in the blockchain ecosystem. If this innovative technology and application function are unique technologies that are not easily imitated or patented at the same time, they will have quite a long-term absolute competitive advantage in the blockchain field. This is the most influential blockchain in the future, with a unique technology blockchain that is not easily modeled or patented.

To become a blockchain 5.0, it must surpass blockchain 4.0 in application functionality, and must also possess unique technologies such as telecom intelligence, bio-intelligence, and compound intelligence. At present, the world’s best companies are developing from this direction, such as Alibaba, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and so on.

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