Coinmarketbrasil proves the decentralization of operations in ERP systems, validating data in a reliable, safe and efficient way.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.94 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.84 USD
Soft Cap
3,700,000 USD
Hard Cap
18,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 June 2018
End Date
10 June 2018

What is CMBT?

In all the world the cryptocurrency market is growing considerably, Brazil is still in short steps, but there are a lot of fans.

Brazilian companies encounter many internal problems in relation to payment and receipt of accounts, poorly programmed ERP systems, communication failures between employees internally and in relation to customers, various security flaws, poorly elaborated schedules, lack of security related to the manipulation of financial data and various other problems.

Advances in quantum computing will be a big risk to businesses, not modernizing will be risky to business.

Projects are sold without the customer having real knowledge of the aggregate values, without actually knowing if that amount invested will be added to the continuity of the contracted service.

Several tickets and notes are paid and moved every day without any type of encryption or guarantee of compliance.

Are you paying the fair value for equipment and services contracted?

Without a system that decentralizes these sales there is no way to know, decentralizing the information of contracts the interest is greater in maintaining a standard of quality and adequate price taking into account that a good part of the amounts paid by any type of service are good part administrative fees for validating documents, printing a document, collecting a signature from a person responsible for internal validation, sending it to an organ registrar, takes a lot of time and costs a lot.

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