Co-DEX Exchange (COD1)

Trading Platform of the Future

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ICO Price
0.05 USD
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0.05 USD
Soft Cap
3,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
5,000,000 USD
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What is Co-DEX Exchange?


Co-DEX is born from the needs of the community, and with it, will deliver a revolutionary non-custodial, NO FEES, exchange platform, which will host through the implementation of inter-blockchain operability communications feature, a multitude of tokens and crypto assets regardless of their native blockchain origin.

We at Co-DEX consider the whole crypto market spectrum as being an expression of the needs, concerns, and wishes of each of the individuals that together encompass the idea of community.
From it Co-DEX is risen, and through it, Co-DEX will flourish to become a mirror of the all the ideas put forth by the community and its members.
Feedback is the keyword, promptitude, openness and problem solving are the main creeds. We here at Co-DEX value each and everyone’s input and welcome all comers to help better our services and our platform.
NO FEES, is our strong belief! We are of the community and by the community, we will realize this goal, for the community! Co-DEX will practice NO FEES on top of the necessary gas or transaction costs, that validate the transaction on the blockchains.
You will feel part of this project, for Co-DEX will keep you connected by continuously organizing events and airdrops, bounty programs and rewards, for after the IDO’s over, the focus will be set on YOU and your experience.
People from all walks of life are invited to get involved as we try out new ideas to benefit the people around us in this crypto world that is our community.

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