ComBox (CBP)

Next Generation of Mining

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ICO Price
0.174355 USD
0.001 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
39,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
45,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
1 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
31 March 2019
Start Date
1 September 2018
End Date
31 March 2019

What is ComBox?

The initial concept of «ComBox» solutions for two -phase d liquid cooling has the idea of high safety of the work during the operation and high technical and economic indicators. For example, some time ago the buildings and constrictions were required for data center i.e. the organization of its own large and costly infrastructure. Our mobile solution based on a 20 -foot container allows you to collect, deliver and install it in a place with the lowest price of electricity without any delays .

The expansion Smart IC -6 board, designed and developed by «ComBox Technology», allows you to connect 6 modern graphics cards close to each other at the rate of 3 units on each side. Due to the minimization of gaps, they can be installed in number s on a limited area and very close to each other. In addition, the boards support cascade connection, i.e. one (even the cheapest) motherboard with one PCIe can include at least 12 graphics cards. Under other solutions, it cannot be realized without this board. The board is designed from the ground up. It is a mass -produced device instead of a prototype. It has voltage monitoring functions obtained from the power pack s. The embedded processor provides with the opportunity to block the video card remotely from the interface and monitor all the system elements online collecting telemetry in the volume needed. For example, they can be temperature and a liquid level. The main element of the cooling system is a special liquid produced by the company “3M”. It is environmentally sound fluorine organic, transparent dielectric boiled at a temperature of 61 degrees. This is due to phase change from a liquid state to a gaseous form state that is used for heat transfer. The temperature of the liquid does not change. Therefore, we get the cooling of all elements: from memory and processors to the last details. This liquid is used for firefighting that is why it is fully safe. In comparison with mineral oil used in other systems, «3M » liquid may not catch on fire. Heat rejection is made due to boiling. The effectiveness of this rejection is very high in comparison with the air cooling system. The technology of «ComBox Technology» helps to establish the equipment at least ten times denser than the classical air technology has. Due to liquid cooling, the costs for air conditioning, coolers and moving parts are reducing rapidly without repairs and replacing. The system of immersion cooling does not have moving details . Liquid boils transferring heat from the heated elements. As it condenses, it flows back into the system. This is a quality advantage of our system. As a result, we have an ideal solution for computing systems based on graphics cards (GPU). This solution is easily scalable. In addition, it is completely ready to install high performance graphics cards with higher heat dissipation, if necessary.

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