Coralex (CLX)

Coralex is a third generation blockchain which offers scalability, interoperability and optional privacy.

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ICO Price
0.015692 USD
0.00009 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.015692 USD
0.00009 ETH
Soft Cap
2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
5,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 April 2018
End Date
1 May 2018

What is Coralex?

Mainstream adoption of blockchains has been limited because of scalability, privacy, and interoperability challenges. Coralex is the first multi-tier blockchain network designed to address these challenges. Core to our hypothesis is the idea that many blockchains will be created to solve unique business challenges within unique industries. As such, the Coralex network is designed to support custom blockchain architectures while providing a trustless mechanism for cross-chain interoperability. At the root of the Coralex network is the first dedicated, public, enterprise blockchain: Coralex-1.

Coralex-1 is a state-of-the-art, third-generation blockchain that introduces a new paradigm of security and fair, representative, cryptoeconomic incentives.

This paper:
• Introduces and explains the Coralex network — the next generation of blockchain technology and first multi-tier blockchain network—and its necessary infrastructures and protocols.
• Details the vision and technical concepts of Coralex-1, a purpose-built, public, third-generation blockchain and a component within the Coralex network.
• Proǀides a roadŵap for future implementations of Coralex-1 and the Coralex network.

These concepts are a work in progress and this paper is intended to establish intent and be exploratory in nature, not declarative. Join the Coralex network mailing list to get alerts about more detailed white papers related to specific aspects of Coralex as they become available.

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