Countinghouse Fund (CHT)

Forex & Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund

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ICO Price
0.174355 USD
0.001 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.134119 USD
0.00076923077 ETH
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
20,000,000 CHT
Start Date
3 April 2018
End Date
12 June 2018

What is Countinghouse Fund?

Countinghouse Fund is an already-established foreign exchange direct hedge fund which uses coded algorithms and mathematical techniques to force profit from volatility and movement in the market. We are raising capital for a new fund in order to apply our existing techniques to the world of cryptocurrency, which shows greater volatility than fiat currency exchange.

Main Advantages:

With over a decade of experience in trading on the foreign exchange market, both manually and algorithmically, our team is well-positioned to transfer these skills over to the cryptocurrency exchange.

All investor capital will go straight into our investment accounts due to the fact that we are an already established business with existing infrastructure and an already tested and working product.

Our algorithmic trading models have yielded strong success on the fiat currency exchange throughout Countinghouse’s existence, and our updated cryptocurrency algorithms have outperformed these fiat models substantially over the past 12 months.

Previous fiat exchange algorithms have netted our fund 70-120% per annum, and our updated cryptocurrency algorithms has yielded just over 600% in the last twelve months.

Using crypto-tokens as units in the fund allows investors to take profit or transfer ownership withoutneeding Countinghouse as an intermediary.

Countinghouse Fund’s Mission

Our goal is to maximise investor profits through mathematical risk management and application of algorithmic trading methods to the crypto-currency market, whilst conserving investor privacy and anonymity.

Countinghouse Fund’s Investment Targets

For the first 12 months, based on previous algorithm performance and the performance of our adapted crypto-currency strategies, we predict an annual return of around 600%. We would also expect, by hitting these targets, the speculative value of a token in holdings would be greater than 1000% growth on the original ICO price.

Second year growth, when factoring optimisation of the algorithms over the duration of our first year of crypto-currency trading, should cause the yield to increase noticeably, with internal targets greater than 800%. We predict that going forward, after the first two years, increased adoption of crypto-currencies will start to see returns plateau.

How we will reach these targets

These targets will be reached through implementing our existing crypto-adapted strategy that has already been proven to achieve similar profits. In keeping with our three core values (High yield to our investors through the adoption of new technologies and processes, mathematical risk management, privacy for our investors), Countinghouse Fund will ensure continued success and growth in this crypto-currency fund.

Our years of successful trading experience puts us in the position to both transfer these strategies over to the emerging crypto-currency exchange as well as adapt to any new market trends as they solidify. In addition to this, 90% of our existing business structure can be transferred over to the crypto-currency arm of our fund, meaning more of investor funds will be directly invested into our strategies.

Why Countinghouse Fund?


Our ICO represents excellent value and is a good vehicle for increasing social mobility, as traditionally a fund such as ours would require an initial investment of greater than $300,000. Due to the decentralised and peer-to-peer nature of the ICO market, investors can invest as much or as little as they wish. For an example, an investor may only have $1000 total in liquid capital to invest, which would usually exclude them from any managed fund or venture capital. However, due to the progressive nature of the ICO market, this investor can diversify into separate ICO offerings, Countinghouse Fund and four others at $200. This gives this investor a diversified portfolio at previously inaccessible prices.


Countinghouse Fund benefits from the combined decades of experience and adaptability of its traders. Mathematical risk-mitigation and trading algorithms have been developed in response to ever-changing market conditions on the foreign exchange, the same principles and algorithms that have now been adapted to the crypto-currency exchange.


90% of our existing business structure can be transferred over to the crypto-currency arm of our fund, meaning more of investor funds will be directly invested into our strategies. This means your capital will get to work straight away with us, delivering potential returns as soon as our crypto-algorithms are turned on.

Fluid- Holdings in an ICO fund can be liquidated and acquired at any juncture, in amounts as small or large as the investor requires, providing Countinghouse Fund token-holders far greater flexibility and market-responsiveness than found in traditional share holdings. This allows Countinghouse investors to enjoy an adaptable and highly liquid portfolio when holding our ICO tokens. This also allows for a live update at any time of the value of the investors holding.

Our Tokens

Countinghouse Fund’s tokens are standard ERC20 tokens, which can be acquired globally.

Investment Security Priority- Crypto-currency holding will be kept across multiple wallets for security purposes, where practical we will be using hardware and cold wallets to increase security (this will not always be practical due to the requirement of a human element). Countinghouse Fund will hold fiat currency in non-lending, 100% liquidity banks, these banks have higher fees but they are the world’s most secure global banks, which will allow us to successfully trade arbitrage between crypto and fiat currencies and deliver substantial profits to token-holders without the restriction of bank-run holds in financial downturns (this can happen with lending banks as the need to protect their reserve limit).

Key Values

Countinghouse Fund operates within a set of key values, these values both guide our decision-making and our attitudes toward investment, yield and risk. These key values are as follows:

High yield to our investors through the adoption of new technologies and processes

We made a place for ourselves as a unique and high-performing fund by thinking outside the square and creating new ways of trading. This has been a contributing factor to the development of our first value, as we are always looking to adopt new technologies and processes to increase the yield to our investors. This, of course, is what led us to trying out our algorithms on the Crypto-currency markets, and in turn discovering its incredible profit potential.

Mathematical risk management

Risk is a constant hurdle in the currency market and managing it correctly makes the difference between an unsustainable fund and a fund that will constantly yield reliable results for those who have invested. We go into greater detail on this second value in the next section.

Privacy for our investors

Privacy has always been a core value for our fund, and in incorporating a Crypto-Currency trading platform into our business model, we looked carefully at how our investors can maintain, and even improve upon, the current levels of investor privacy and anonymity. Locating the Crypto-Currency arm of our fund in the Seychelles allows complete investor privacy, as well as allowing the fund to properly execute our arbitrage trading methodology (between fiat and crypto exchanges) without delay.

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