Cryptelo (CRL)

Blockchain Powered Encryption to Secure Your Data

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ICO Price
0.013948 USD
0.00008 ETH
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Soft Cap
Hard Cap
12,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
19 January 2018
Pre ICO End Date
5 March 2018
Start Date
15 March 2018
End Date
15 September 2018

What is Cryptelo?

Since 2014, the firm Cryptelo develops cutting-edge software solutions for corporate communication with the highest available level of security. Cryptelo’s unique cryptographic design was created by the world’s leading cryptologist, Dr. Klima and security expert Gen. Andor Šándor having over thirty years of experience in that domain.

Cryptelo has security-first architecture and services for encrypted data storage, key management, and communication which is vital to achieve this high standard for peace of mind, and the proper functioning of free expression and exchange of information in the digital world.

Cryptelo develops leading software platform & solutions designed for the global market and Cryptelo is constantly evolving based on increasing demands for better protect confidentiality, secrecy and privacy.

The company aspires to achieve its long-term vision of a full and fair communication environment, where the value of unique, quality ideas and the right to privacy stands high above ruthless competition practices.

Cryptelo is already offering the Cryptelo Drive, premium product designed specifically for B2B sales and provides an encrypted virtual drive for companies where users with user account can access their data via web and desktop application and can easily upload, share and edit any type of files.

But Cryptelo is also building the new generation of digital key secured management platform and services implementing the trustless key server concept and providing solution about fixing the web-of-trust, C.A and other standards.

Cryptelo company is an effective path to solve a worldwide security problem – providing totally secure shared data solution with no compromise between security and user-friendliness in removing risks of relying on third-parties in the chain of trust.

Our vision is one in which digital information is as secure as the information in a person’s own mind. Human security risks can never be eliminated, but we believe that all systemic security
risks have a solution.

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