Crypto Dad (CRYPTO DAD)

Enhancing The Crypto Industry Through Education

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18 May 2023
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21 May 2023

What is Crypto Dad?

Elon, a simple man, was married with three young children. Living paycheck to paycheck, he yearned to save enough money for a secure retirement. One day, while at work, Elon overheard a coworker boasting about becoming a millionaire in just three days through cryptocurrency investments. Intrigued, Elon approached his coworker to learn more. His coworker revealed that he had invested $1,000 in a meme token called Pepe on the Ethereum blockchain. Eager to explore this opportunity, Elon wasted no time when he returned home. He immersed himself in YouTube tutorials on crypto investment, joined Twitter to follow influential figures in the field, and signed up on Telegram. After researching various meme projects for a week, Elon stumbled upon a tweet from a prominent influencer declaring, “This will be the next Pepe token.” Intrigued, Elon joined the Telegram group for a meme token called Pepewife and visited its official website. Excitement surged through Elon as he discovered that the token had just launched a few hours earlier. Without consulting his wife, Elon invested his entire savings of 8k in Ethereum and purchased Pepewife tokens, fueled by his dreams of financial success. The following day, while at work, Elon anxiously checked Dextools to monitor the performance of the Pepewife token. To his dismay, he discovered that he had lost 7k of his investment due to significant sell-offs by prominent holders. Fearful, Elon promptly sold his tokens, leaving him with only $300 worth of Ethereum in his Trust Wallet. When Elon confessed his actions to his wife, she was livid and demanded a divorce, instructing him to leave. With nowhere else to turn, Elon found himself sleeping in his car, isolated and despondent. His depression deepened, leading to his absence from work and eventual termination. Later, Elon discovered that the developer behind Pepewife owned six influential wallets and had deliberately dumped all their tokens, causing the price to plummet. In the Telegram group, Elon encountered numerous individuals who had also suffered substantial losses, further fueling his anger towards the developer’s deceitful actions. That day marked Elon’s introduction to the concept of a “rug pull.” Determined to protect future investors, Elon vowed to create a token that prioritized safety over profit once he regained stability in his life. Elon diligently secured a job and rented an affordable apartment, slowly getting back on his feet. Several weeks later, he successfully launched a community-driven project, ensuring a safe environment for all investors. The project fostered inclusivity, giving everyone a voice and a secure space to gather. A groundbreaking platform emerged, bridging the gap between educators and recently onboarded crypto investors. Users can use Crypto Dad Tokens within the educational app’s ecosystem to buy courses offered by crypto educators. Crypto Dad is aiding the crypto community in educating novice investors, by reaching out to them one investor at a time.

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