CryptoAds (CRAD)

Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
0.7 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
30,000,000 USD
Start Date
20 May 2019
End Date
27 May 2019

What is CryptoAds?

CryptoAds executive summary:

The CryptoAds platform will be based on existing project, which was founded in 2012 and have 7M+ users with 100+ contracts with existing advertisement networks.
Our goal to create a full decentralized platform and be a top developer’s community worldwide.

On advertisement market developers and app publishers are:

Pay to all middleman, where they can lose 10x-100x of their profit.
Have no power, they can’t order features, control strategy of the advertisement exchange growing.
Can’t receive a capitalization profit, because they have no shares from advertisement platform.
Have no transparency for advertisement flow.
High level of fraud transactions.

A CryptoAds platform will provide advertisement exchange features, based on revolutionary new principles:

Only one middleman inside with very low charges.
Token holders will have the power to control strategy and future development by propose features and voting process.
Each app owner will have CRAD held and platform will reward them from all transactions, depends from amount held.
Blockchain will provide a public transparency for all transactions and marketing campaigns.
Each mobile device will have a personal wallet, which will have a reputation rate, depends on transactions history.

One year target : Transform existing business CFC to blockchain – $100k (already committed) and reach $150k-$200k in revenue.

Three years target: Build SDK/Platform for advertisers/app publishers to open same service for third parties and reach $1M-$1.5M in revenue.

Final target to have $30M-$50M monthly revenue to convert it into coin revenue in continue five years and be a top advertisement company in blockchain next five years.

Global digital advertising spend will take 44 percent, ($269.85 billion), of all ad money spent globally in 2018, with that figure reaching 50 percent, ($335.48 billion), by 2020.

Our  differentiates for developers/publishers:

Storing the history of advertising offers and rewards.
Opportunity to see a full-fledged advertising campaign from  various points in different agencies.
Prevention of unfair competition and underpricing of offers.
Rating of advertisers basing on the amount and accuracy of reward payouts.
Full transparent decentralized ownership, strategy and income from ecosystem growing based on active users.
Our  differentiates for end users:

The history of user activity in the blockchain system
User priorities for rewards.
The ability to offer selected priority advertising campaigns to super users based on smart contract system.
Reputation tracking system will help to detect and disclose fraudsters to protect the advertisers’ money.

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