CryptoSoul (CSOUL)

Play Game. Earn Tokens.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.01 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
1,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
21 November 2018
Pre ICO End Date
20 January 2019
Start Date
21 November 2018
End Date
20 January 2019

What is CryptoSoul?

Big Idea

Transform gaming model from «The player spends» to «The player earns».

In CryptoSoul, we use a new economic game model focused on the player’s earnings. The player get tokens for achievements in the battle, that have value in the real world.

Problem of existing games

  • Game currency has no value out of the game
  • A complex and unclear way of making earnings
  • The games exist due to players’ investments

CryptoSoul model

  • Game currency has a real value
  • An easy and clear way of making earnings
  • The game exists due to the demand for token

Main results for the year of the project

  • Alpha game
    We have a working game prototype in which our economic model is used
  • Fast growing community
    +25 000 participants in September
  • Exchanges
    CryptoSoul trading on Mercatox, Ecex

Main goals for 2019

  • Online per day: 60,000 players
  • Token price for 1 CryptoSoul: $ 0.1
  • 2 top-10 exchanges listing

What we will release for the funds raised

20% Steam release
Public free-to-play game. Gain of community

40% Token integration
Using CryptoSoul you can buy game content

60% Market place
The ability to trade game items for CryptoSoul

80% SQUAD mode
Creating a new mode for playing in a cooperative

100% Mobile release
Entering the most popular gaming market

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