CurrenExchange (CurX)

A Trading Platform for Digital Assets

Review Score
ICO Price
0.02162 USD
0.000124 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3,500 ETH
Hard Cap
15,000 ETH
Start Date
18 May 2018
End Date
8 June 2018

What is CurrenExchange?

If we look at the current situation of Cryptocurrency Exchanges, we see big names having only few cryptocurrencies to trade. They tend to choose only those Coins from which they just earn the most. That often means cryptocurrencies with low hype rate and a little communities can´t even try to trade their Coins. And not only that they take a fee from the Developer Team to list their Coins on the Exchange and additional to that they want high trading fee´s from the average people. With CurrenExchange we will Change it.

CurrenX will allow you to trade almost all Cryptocurrency out there with a trading fee of 0.4%. The CurrenX ECO Hardware Wallet allows you to save your cryptocurrencies and tokens on a physical device.

Multi-Currency Exchange
As a part of CurrenExchange we will have the Multi-Currency Exchange which will offer all cryptocurrencies. Our engine is capable of sustaining 700,000 order per second. This rate will be at the beginning. With time we will improve our engine. We look forward to reach a rate of 3,800,000 order per second.

Fiat Gateway
Buy your cryptocurrency with traditional currencies on the Exchange by using credit card or bank transfer. More methods will be released after launch.

CurrenX Eco HardwareWallet
The CurrenX ECO Hardware Wallet allows you to save your cryptocurrencies and tokens on a physical device. The HardwareWallet will provide the best security for your cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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